4.2 has doubled the prior problems

I’ll forgo the bugs and glitches reported before, but having just experienced such awful play this stuff needs addressing:
Nothing has a collision box anymore! Everything ice skates through you!
Executioners spawn mid attack animation in the middle of hordes, and bestigors spawn in the middle of chaos hordes.
Assassins still spawn on players heads.
Executioner spawn bug even happening in into the nest.
Tried with and without twitch mode, just hightened instability.
The enemies just pile up inside one another.
Berzerkers seem to take 10x the damage of a CW! The dude’s shirtless and taking 4-6 critical shaded backstabs before dropping on legend, let alone caTA.
Special spawn rate is mental- even in normal, not twitch match, we’re getting mass spawning hooks and leeches/// some just there having no clue why they’re in the level so they’re just standing still.
Enemies mass spawning crashing game.
Bots still can’t cope with firerats.

Pray for next patch…
Included crash log.

crash_dump-2021-02-10-12.49.53-3717bc50-7b7b-42e6-a772-672534431b5e.dmp (596.8 KB)
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Watching Fu and mates have only a couple of these problems on their strams. Tried some trial and error, but now reinstalling game from scratch sinceI’m getting the “access violation” error preventing launch… included are last crash/console logs…

ADDED: I dunno if this is ANYTHING at all, but I have noticed several times in games I’ve joined with randos, when the host leaves, instead of giving a user name like “you are connecting to JimbobKruberMcKrubestien” or something, it is always a series of numbers, like a hash code or something instead of a user name. Dunno… just throwing this in for sakes of no stone unturned. Frustrated as you can imagine having a collection of these bugs reported by multiple users, all at once when I play xD.

crash_dump-2021-02-10-20.05.08-681dbd4b-0b14-43e6-af96-ef40ed3f4720.dmp (502.5 KB) crash_dump-2021-02-10-19.57.25-dd42ac6e-7db6-4caf-9a7b-6bfad4e29405.dmp (511.4 KB) crash_dump-2021-02-10-19.53.06-029d95ee-6d30-451f-8bd0-46e215e98b9b.dmp (501.2 KB) crash_dump-2021-02-10-19.37.56-581ec1b8-b20e-4d35-9f10-670b881ea4a3.dmp (507.5 KB) crash_dump-2021-02-10-19.37.17-8b72ff24-4a26-464b-aba8-551dad1a370b.dmp (494.7 KB) `console-2021-02-10-20.05.08-681dbd4b-0b14-43e6-af96-ef40ed3f4720.log (87.9 KB)’

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My sound queues are totally screwed. No voice acting for several minutes then all voice line play at once at the same time. regular lag spikes going from 60 - 200 ping and back down again. Pirouetting CW sliding around like Bambi on ice.

It’s like an alpha build gone wrong.


Aye one massive bug I’m getting too is no backstab audio half the time.

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I’m still experiencing horrible missing audio cues but that’s been around since summer of 2018.

Backstabs sounds completely gone. Used to at least work for host but not anymore.

I did learn recently that if you use your Ranger Veteran ult during a lag spike you get forever invisibility until you ult again… That was extremely confusing for me the first time it happened during a horde.

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Yeah, it’s like they didn’t fix anything at all, bots are still as dumb as they ever were and now me and all my friends are experiencing latency problems again.
And we got a very funny Chaos patrol spawn on war camp just after the first drop, they apeared as if someone console spawned them on top of us.
Fatshark CEOs should pay better attention on the VT2 team because someone is not doing their job right.

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