What was the patch yesterday? Extreme lag

I saw that the game updated yesterday? What exactly was the update for? I was working all day down in Stockholm, when I got back home last night I went straight to bed. Upon waking up this morning and trying to finish my weekly quest, I’ve been experiencing extreme lag and audio bugs.

The Sienne issue with beam staff is almost unplayable now, I will drop down to 18fps during a horde if she’s attacking anything. Also, my attacks are phasing right through the enemies and they are hitting through my block as well. It’s almost like the “player list plus” mod bug but not as bad. Enemies are disappearing and spawning directly in front of me. During high density hordes, normally chaos hordes, where we fall back and they have to funnel through a narrow hallway, I lose audio… Even during normal hordes if 1-2 waves stack it causes all kinds of weird audio glitches.

I’ve turned nearly all my settings off, or to the lowest settings and I’ll still drop to 28FPS or so. I never had this issue before, I would dip down during big hordes, but never below 40fps, even with people throwing bombs and Sienne shotgun blasting everything.

Well there is an impact for sure:

  • I get 20 fps during hordes now.
  • Random lags of 0.1-2s
  • Phantom swings
  • Speech of all types from behind sounds like it comes out of a cave.

I want to note that the overall performance has never increased in the entire lifespan of Vermintide 2 on my system no matter what. You only broke things and fixed them again.

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Yea, I’ve been testing it, it’s not a hardware issue. This is a game issue.

My GPU is hovering around 30-45% usage. CPU around 50-65%.


Nothing is overheating, GPU average during hordes is about 55-60C. CPU is roughly the same.

I’ve also noticed really weird sound issues, most noticeable on the HM. Sounds like she’s underwater or something.

I can hope onto BF4 and run everything maxed, or play Monster hunter world with no issues. This is a Vermintide 2 optimization problem.

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I don’t know your speccs guys, but my performance got increased with the beta-patch.
I’ve got a quite good PC, don’t run any mods and play on high settings with vsync, DX11 and 9 worker threads. Uncapped ultra would work too, but i don’t want to stress my system that hard. + it’s just not necessary.

So maybe it’s up to a bit older PC’s/driver or mods?
I don’t know what you’ve tested and what not, just saying.

I can confirm that enemies dissappear, but that was more like a lag to me,because they teleported back. (Rare issue)
Once the whole party got a Ping from 999 for 10s. We all died, but noone disconnected. The enemies just overran me. Our host saved us and wondered, because his Internet should’ve been fine. I don’t know , which mods he runs.

I think you’re talking about different things.
The main bogenpatch (for my computer) improved a lot the frame rate, so if I disable all the package I use for work, I don’t have a bad frame rate with everything set on high.
Yesterday one, didn’t affect my graphics.
But yesterday morning/afternoon I had big problems keeping getting stuck while connecting to an another hub and then starting a map. (so I rechecked the files, and seems good)
gtx1060 6gb (drv vv 399.07), 16gb ram, i7 3770
fullscreen 1920x1200
vsync off
cap f.r. 120
texture: high, high
particles: extreme, high, 100%, 100
lightning: extreme, extreme, 10, extreme, high,2
post p.:taa, on, extreme, on, on, on, on, off, off, off, off
other:on, 1
right after the bogenpatch, dx12 was good, then after few days I also started having the frame problem that @SmokerT69 reported, and so I went back to dx11 too.

We didn’t patch yesterday. O.o

Thanks, I know to be more spesific:

  • Random lags of 0.1-2s

1.2 Beta

  • Phantom swings

  • I get 20 fps during hordes now.
  • Speech of all types from behind sounds like it comes out of a cave.
(at least that’s when I noticed them)

I get suggestions left and right to disable mods so I’m gonna try that later.

I also noticed in the past that, sometimes, there’s a small download, few kb or mb, maybe is related to the steam file checkup.

I had an update for vermintide around 5:36pm if I remember correctly. It was around 500MB… Or maybe it was 500KB, I just glanced at the bottom and saw, 3 updates done. Clicked on it and saw Vermintide had updated. When I launched the game, I noticed all the issues, assumed the update cause it. As I said, I was gone for an entire day for work, so it could have been the day before as well? Steam doesn’t tell you the exact date of the update, just the time. At least for me, I remember seeing 5:36pm

We have almost the exact same build, except my 1060 is only 3GB and I have 32GB of RAM. I had to switch to DX11 for the beta, but after the build went live, DX12 was working fine for me again. It was when I made this post everything went nuts for me.

What does worker threads actually do? I’ve asked so many times and no one can ever give me an answer. My worker threads are at 5 out of 6?

I disabled them all, the only one that is causing game breaking issues is the “player plus mod”, which has been acknowledged by the Devs.

I’m part of a Legend try hard discord for deeds and what not, roughly 100 people, many have reported FPS issues. This isn’t just me. Even here on these forums people have been complaining, so this isn’t just, you have a crap PC. As I said, I turned everything to lowest settings, I can hit well over 100FPS with Vsync off, soon as a Seinna shows up or a high density horde, game goes bananas.

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Game settings:
Textures: max
Poly: max
Shadows and lights: lowish
Effects: lowish
vsync: yes
cap frame: 60
3840x2160 borderless fullscreen (translated from FS to english = borderless window)

CPU: AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.50 GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080
RAM: 32 GB

I’m still using DX11 (switched from 12 for the same reasons) and I have almost the same issues.

Usually gives a program more computing power to work with but they need to be utilized properly:

For some reason giving the game more cores increases the amount of enemies in a run. (maybe fixed now)

Good, never really expected anything from this “lead”.

@Fatshark_Hedge to be fair I optimized my settings in the early days of this game. To remove extreme performance drops I reduced effect’s to the bare minimum (medium or you will stop seeing essential fire effects) which is probably exactly the part you have optimized the performance of.

I might try out to remove the shadows from effects completely to see if that helps.

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So what decides how many threads you have? I have a max of 6 and I’ve had it on 5 for ages now. My wife only has 2 threads on her PC and she has no issues? I’m assuming this is tied to your CPU? This might explain why legend is always so much harder when I host xD Compared to when my wife or friends host… Also, maybe I should switch back to DX11 again? I’m not having the same issues from beta though, with the screen actually freezing and then speeding up almost like in fast forward.

Your hardware:
AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor 3.50 GHz
Mine is quite old so each of my cores is way weaker than a modern one.

If those are up to date they will probably out math all of my 8 combined.
Some things are connected to the treads available while others are mainly influenced by the computing power of a single core.(this might be why I get certain lags and slowdowns). But a real potato is easily spotted. When all rats go to heaven that’s when the host pc is at it’s limit. Where? Probably CPU but what do I know.

I still have that but it rarely freezes. It’s most noticeable on game start were the intro cut scene is almost always in speed mode. During large hordes I start to notice how my swings travel slower over the screen and everything slows down, than it reverts and speeds up over the normal speed of “time” for a short time resulting in multiple hits taken.
Maybe I should switch back to DX12 again?

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To add to the issues I didn’t have til now, drinking a speed potion appears to lead to a massive amount of phantom rapier swings.

I know about the new (imo misguided) targeting system, but we were down two and I used it to help with a horde. Five swings in, I hadn’t hit anything…

Interesting, I have a i7 quad core CPU with 4 physical cores and 4 virtual. Yet I only have 6 work threads?

Interesting enough, not sure if it’s something I was doing right with salty boi, I hardly play him. He’s my least used character. But when I equip his raiper on WHC, even on legend, I can stand in front of a horde and do normal left clicks and none of the rats can touch me? I don’t have to block push or dodge or anything? I don’t have stacked attack speed or anything, I’m using the trait to cut down on ULT by 2% on crit. WHC with a raiper makes me a god?

(two threads are typically reserved for OS and other operations)


The worker threads in- /decrease your performance and CPU - heat.

How many cores has your CPU?

I´ve got a hexcore, so normally i should´ve 6 ut of 6 worker threads. That´s the way a PC should work. But you can use “hyperthreading”. That´s a virtual split of every core, so i´m able to run 12 worker threads. V2 says “9 out of 10” as standard for my PC.
If you don´t have any knowledge in hyperthreading, overclocking etc., you shouldn´t change these settings.
But if you experience some overheating issues (test it with OCCT while gaming), then go some threads down. (70+ degrees permanently isn´t that good over time.)

Less worker threads = less heat = less performance
More worker threads = more heat = more performance

I don´t know your overall settings, but i tried a lot with my old PC and especially the amount of degrees told me, that the “decision of the game” is absolutely sick. My GPU ran up to 85 degrees and my CPU up to 80 degrees on all 4 cores. (1 year old PC on high settings with i7 quad and ´gtx1060)
My new one is not better on Ultra - settings. That´s why i decided to go down on high settings. The performance patch from the DLC was quite good. (70 to 65 degress overall)
Yes it could even be my cooler-system, but only V2 runs that hot. Maybe overheating is your problem? Yes it was not “before yesterday”, but if you ran your hardware 6 months on 80+ degrees , that´s not that cool.

Btw the new Nvidia-drivers aren´t that good for the GTX1060 - performance.

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eh… I never let my GPU or CPU over 70C… That’s my cut off range. As I said earlier in my previous posts, my GPU/CPU hovers around 55-60 most of the time. Also as I said in the post before yours, I have a quad core i7, with hyper-threading I have 8 cores. But I have access to 6, because as Hedge said, 2 are reserved for OS and other operations. Which would make sense for my wife as well, she only has a quad core i5, but has access to 2 threads.

Since you don’t see to get it. I had no issues, as in none, until about 2 days ago, when this patch happened. During the beta for bög I had to drop down to DX11, but I’ve since turned it back up since I wasn’t getting those issues anymore that caused me to turn it down. I’ll do some more tests tomorrow as I’m not playing tonight unless I get absolutely plastered. Hanging with friends and family, prolly sleep after. Gotta get the kid to school at 7:15 tomorrow. I’ll update tomorrow.

Some of these FPS drops are tied to the Sienna bug, where the fire causes massive lag. This has been widely reported…

Also, I find it interesting that I had a updated for V2 when this started happening, as @Fatshark_Hedge said there was no updates.

Sry totally forgot about the 2 claimed by the system (thx @Fatshark_Hedge for pointing it out) and the virtual ones.

You never tried Total War: Warhammer on ultra? Or are you the auto-resolving heretic?
(playing Vermintide but not Total War: Warhammer is obviously not possible)

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Well sry i dont have so much time these days, so i didnt read all stuff here. I just react on your question.

I’ve got the 2nd only and even that was a gift. I played it just an hour , so no i didnt try anything there.

Just tried DX12 again get immediate freezes again like in beta.

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