1.2 Performance Issues

Issue Summary:
Since the 1.2 beta (or later) some people myself included have performance issues that were not present before. These issues are very important in my opinion right now as they heavily impact gameplay and make it impossible to play in certain games (host/connection dependent). This post is here to illustrate the issue and hopefully be of use to solve it. While I am sure you know of this issue you have not acknowledged any post on any site to my knowledge.

The problems I experience on DX 11 are only the fps drops during hordes to ~20fps, phantom swings as well as time slowdowns and speed ups (not in video, host/connection dependent). Both the fps drops and especially the time slowdowns start to fail to register attack inputs correctly resulting in light / charged attacks the wrong way around, not blocking, not pushing and everything lagging behind at times.

DX 12: Everything mentioned but worse and screen freezes from 0.1s upwards.

Fps in top left corner, unfortunately YouTube’s compression did it’s thing with them.

Your benchmark (DX11):
It runs way smoother than the actual games at times mostly due to way less enemies.
console-2018-09-16-20.01.29-4C6961EE-F6AE-459A-83D0-F1B7.log (185.8 KB)

A normal legend game (DX11):
Hordes at 2:20, 6:30, 8:40, 13:20, 15:10 and 17:20
console-2018-09-16-19.11.06-61418D2E-DF69-4294-80FE-16A0.log (1.2 MB)

Your benchmark (DX12):
console-2018-09-16-21.52.04-6864395D-66C8-43B8-B617-BA07.log (186.0 KB)

A normal legend game (DX12):
The game is way harder for me when playing with DX12. At the start is a time acceleration that can also happen during the game. It’s always a time slowdown first and then the game time accelerates and you die instantly from all the hits you couldn’t react to.
console-2018-09-16-21.34.32-8C276A0C-5125-48B2-BCC1-A59F.log (625.0 KB)

Additional Information:
DxDiag.txt (71.6 KB)

This is horrible how could you ever do this to me!?! Fatshark sucks!

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