Massive fps drop on DX12 after 1.5 patch

Issue Summary:

Before 1.5: 75 fps (lobby, DX12)
After 1.5: 37 fps (lobby DX12) when I look at the center of the hall
DX11 - 70 fps (lobby)

Also FPS decreases in the new mode after enemies multiplies. (on DX12)

GTX 1070
I7-8700K (4.5)

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

After checking all the settings, I found another problem: on DX12, vertical sync limits FPS to half the screen refresh rate. In my case, 75 Hz = 38 fps with Vsync on. (This is not associated with a drop in performance about which I wrote above!)


I am also experiencing this as well.

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After tweaking with my settings, I did manage to get my frame rate back to the values pre-patch. I’m not sure it would work for anyone, but these were the exact video settings I changed.

Also listing what their old values were for context

Format --> Setting: Old Value | New Value

Blood Decal Amount: 100 | 500
Display Mode: Windowed Borderless | Full-screen
Max Shadow Casting Lights: 6 | 10

Wait what? You increased your settings and that gave you better performance, FPS?

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Ha ha lol. I know it sounds crazy, but that was what I did and my frame rate jumped! Specifically, what I did was to click on the “Optimize” button in my GeForce experience client app for Vermintide. I observed what values it changed, and it was just those values.

I did several tests and changed just those values specifically within the game’s settings, and also within GeForce Experience, and sure enough, it fixed my FPS issues instantly!

I now get 110 FPS average - though I run a Titan XP card, so I’d imagine it could be a bug with those values caused by the patch, or an update to my driver.

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s my result.

So I am not crazy that increasing some settings increases my performance!

I’ll test this on Sunday, gotta head to Falun at 3am for work. Won’t be back until then. Will update you guys. Very interesting

I’ve tried with increasing the settings but that did not help. I’ve never had a stable 60FPS due to high settings and my PC (i5 2500k, GTX970) but the game was always playable between 35 to 60 FPS, without major slowing/stuttering. It was never bad as it is now. The game basically instantly slows down that much that my inputs are not even detected, i.e I can’t attack or block and I just get r.aped by slaves.

I have to say the tip using the Gforce tool to optimize was absolutely stellar! While I have overall lower FPS (dropping from around 80 to 50), framerate is much more stable and these slowdowns that also slow your weapon animations don’t happen anymore at all. It also decreased the workload on my CPU AND the settings are actually higher than I was using them. I was dabbling around with it and for some reason, if “max shadows casting light” is set to 0, the workload on the CPU goes through the roof.

Same issue here!
Framedrops on larger quantities of enemies and with illumination effects. Sienna is currently unplayble due to her firemagic. I have no problems in the keep except when I throw a grenade. Fire grenade is worse.
Stormfiend, gasrat and firerat have much (!!!) denser and brighter effects like before the patch which drops the frames even more and is very confusing since the screen is just green and I don’t see anything else.
On several spots (like tower of magnus) the level of brightness is too extreme. The game seems brighter in general.

Somehow it seems that illumination effects double or triple up. This may have a connection to the severe framedrops.

Anyone else having similar issues?

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It would be nice to get an official response here. But the game is well known for CPU bottlenecking. I found that it’s worse in a GTX 1070 (I just upgraded to one).

I tried messing with the settings that use more CPU and it didn’t do much to help. The game uses about 50-60% of my GPU and is almost constantly sitting at 100% CPU usage.

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