Permanence Loss - Is it just me?

Haven’t played since 1.1.0, so this may not be related to the most recent patch, or anything on Fatsharks end for that matter.

I’ve always had a rock solid 60+ FPS, through hoards, events, you name it. But playing today I was consistently dipping into the 30’s and 40’s during hoards.

Anyone else having unusual performance issues?

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None so far.

My graphic performance has almost doubled since they did that glorious update a while back

I’ve never had issues but I’m using my “state of the art” wallet depletion skills on my hardware.

I have noticed that things like red weapon graphics can take a while to load from a blur to defined lines. (usually on weapons from the over the shoulder perspective, via the “x” key). And some of the levels feel flatter now, like the texture depth is lower, or something? But as none of this stuff happened in the last patch, it’s not really relevant to your question. :slight_smile:

The main FPS destroyer I have come across is due to the blood pools generated from going full death blender on a horde. It may be that the blood limit has been altered for you?

Thanks for the feed back. Couldn’t tell you why, but switching from directX 12 to 11 fixed everything. The kicker is I had this problem once before and fixed it by switching from 11 to 12. Nothing makes sense.

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