Feedback for FATSHARK about the technical issues

Hello, this post addressed directly to the fatshark devs about the technical issues I encountered in the last patch.

  1. Enemies clipping/walking through the walls randomly.
  2. FSR 2.0 gradation levels not working properly.
  3. Random stutters, especially after changing any setting (i guess its related to the FSR).
  4. AO, SSR kills the FPS.
  5. A fog seems too thick if the bloom setting is enabled.
  6. Shots/hits don’t register, especially on a fast moving targets.
  7. Sometimes enemies don’t stun even after several shot/hits from a heavy weaponry (the dogs/trappers don’t stun after 5 bolter shots, a chainsword charge attack, etc).
  8. Stacking charging sound effects on a power sword.
  9. Some models sporadically become vastly less polygonized no matter at what settings the game runs.
  10. Random stutters overall.
  11. Too much GPU consumption, sometimes its so much that the game crashes even on a very powerful GPU’s. There is an issue with the CPU as well, but not nearly as prominent.
  12. FXAA/TAA killing the performance, basically the game is unplayable on a native resolution if your GPU isn’t an overkill for your screen, as a result right now its better to use the FSR 2.0 + sharpness as an anti-aliasing method and that isn’t great at all considering how much better this game looks natively.
  13. Character teleporting when making zig-zag - like movement in the hub location.
  14. Enemy melee hits/charge attacks/shots sometimes magnet to the character’s model, resulting in useless dodges.
  15. Enemy hits register too soon/late, resulting in missed block/dodge timing.
  16. 5-th difficulty is basically too enemy-spammy, making its unplayable.
  17. Body textures get progressively more black on the distance/always black on the model edges.
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Great feedback, I also have big issues with registration and server related stuff (like hit registration and disconnections), on top of massive performance and crashing issues.

Unfortunately, I feel like this section of the forum has Fallen on depth ear’s.

I have not seen a dev member talk or even acknowledge issues in this section of the forum for months, not have they updated their known issues for months either.

As far as I am concerned, they took my money and ran. I have not seen a single noteworthy optimization note since the beta patch notes. Everything is mostly crash fixes and balance notes.

But hey… They got that premium cosmetic shop working…

I don’t have any of these problems, but I am playing the experimental beta.