Weird little update

Does anyone know what the update today was about? No news on it so far, 21.9 Mb official update.

I didn’t have any.
This isn’t something new, in the past, someone else pointed this strangeness, I don’t remember what hedge wrote about that.

I actually think those happen if you subscribe to new mods or a mod updates.

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Sure, i checked that before writing, that’s why i wrote official update. Else it would have the blue ‘workshop’ bar at the bottom.
Thanks, i will look for that post.


I had it happen. When it happened, my game has never been the same. For the last few months since the update only I seem to have got, I can only run the game in DX11 and get around 25 FPS during hordes. In DX12 my screen freezes every 5 seconds or so. It’s even noticeable on other people’s screens when I’m hosting. As all the mobs will freeze and and stand in place when I get the glitch.

I tried working it out with a Fatshark Dev, but I guess he gave up. It gets fixed with some patches and then broken again with the next.

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@azaroth75 i looked for it but the sheer amount of related articles is just to big, but thx nevertheless.
@SmokerT69 Yeah i just read through some of your stuff, you had it rough, my game went never that bad (altough it does not run perfect, it’s still very playable). You still being here after having that much trouble with it means you really like the game a lot. This may not be much, but your dedication is noted :smiley:
I just hope it works fine for me, will test it later.


Aye, I’ve learned to compensate by figuring out exactly how many attacks I can do with each weapon before I need to do a block push attack plus dodge. Even though I’m not in any danger on my screen, when the FPS drops to 25 or below, all kinds of strange things will happen. Like phantom hits and attacks through block. So I just have to preemptively stop that from happening. When it finally gets fixed, I’m gonna be a god lol. I still very much enjoy the game and I think I’m at around 1100+ hours now. I haven’t checked since the last patch if it got fixed on my end. I’ll have to test it after I finish work tonight. Unfortunately stuck in Uppsala for a few more hours.

I think the thread I wrote about is the one pointed by SmokerT69, searched for 30 mins but I can get only that one.

There’s been other people who have reported getting official updates when there wasn’t supposed to be any. If I’m not mistaken, the Devs recently archived a lot of the forums.

do you still have dx12 related lag? I tried a couple of days ago, and seems still there.

@azaroth75 Ah well, okay. I hoped there was more, i read through most of that (and certainly all what any dev posted in it). Might never be solved why it updated…
I’m now realizing that my title is kind of clickbaity, so i’ll change the title, sorry for that. :sweat_smile:
Edit: Kinda hard to think of one that still relates but is not clickbait… lol

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I’ll test it now. Give me 15 mins.

oh yea, it’s bad lol. Even worse than before. This is from the first 3 mins or so of gameplay. These freezes lasted anywhere from 2-10 seconds. During which I could still hear the ambient back ground noise. But I couldn’t hear the mobs pounding on me. Couldn’t block or anything. The entire screen just lags up. Everywhere you see an arrow on my GPU useage on the left is where the game locked up the GPU to 0% usage.

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