Fatshark and "optimalization"?

Dear Fatshark!

Could you explain to me why does the games performance is getting worse and worse with each “optimalization” patch?

During the original beta, and after launch back in March I had my settings at medium, and the game could run at 30fps+ even during hordes and Sienas… After the first optimalization patch (I believe it was 1.0.8) several of my friends in this game stopped playing, because of performance issues. (Even though they all have better PC setups than me…) Ever since that, with each new patch I had to set my graphics settings lower and lower. Currently I have everything on low/off, but even ambient mobs cause less than 30 fps, and its just horrible during a horde/or when a Siena uses her staff…(when I see a Siena ingame nowadays I rather leave, or kick with premades…)

So if your goal with the “optimalization” patches was to reduce the player count to Bless Online western launch levels, both among high-end and low-end users, than well done! Good job FS! Way to go!

Else you should learn to actually optimize a game. It souldnt be too hard if 90% of other studios can do it with games at much higher scale and with much better graphics…

It’d also be real interesting to know why a lot of the ‘optimization’ seems to have involved gutting and circumscising the object and texture render distances, making the game look like a console port. Asset pop-in and ridiculous LOD differences are like, the last resort of optimization. Is this really all you can think of to reduce the strain on the GPU? What did you do for the CPU - make it so that hordes and specials spawned as close to you as possible? Cause we can see them pop into being… when we’re lucky enough not to have them spawn behind us.

That said I’m among the crowd that has literally never seen a change in performance past launch (1050 Ti, i5-7100). I’m at around 45-60 FPS on all high, with drops when there are lots of particles. It’s not budged once, not when people said it was better, not when everyone said it was worse. Optimization is an empty word to me at this point.

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