Plea for better optimization

Hi Fatshark can game optimization be a priority for darktide I would really be disappointment if this game came out and it had severe fps dips that reach 40 to 50 fps when horde appears like vermintide 2 did. Since I heard it is using the same engine as Vermintide 2. I would really like to have the best experience possible playing it.


Agreed, Fatshark need to make the game far more optimised than V2 is currently. It also does not help that every performance patch is quickly ruined by a later hotfix or content patch.

Optimisation and performance are far more key to playing the game than fixing a rare bug or adding a new Lighting effect to maps.


I’m pretty sure it is very hard to optimize these types of games with all the mobs and calculations happening in the background. My guess it would take dumbing down mechanics (mobs pathing/hitboxes etc.) to achieve it.

Also I’m guessing they are using the same engine so it might be hard to change the root problem without redoing the whole engine.

The good news is that they can take everything they’ve learnt from vermintide and implement it, so we should see better performance.

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