Bad optimization AGAIN

I was really happy when I played Closed Beta and Pre-Order Beta to see how much the game has improved from Vermintide 1 on performance level. Sure it had some hiccups here and there, but it was still Beta… Now I’m getting really pissed off on this horrible performance. Like are you people (Fatshark) just so lazy/incompetent that you cant optimize a game to actually use full power from PC or what is going on?

Playing with High/Med settings to run 120fps. I’m running the game with i7 4770k (4.2GHz) and gtx 1070. GPU usage runs around 50%-60% and doesn’t go higher unless I crank up TAA or some other useless effects that eat up GPU power. CPU running around 40%-70% depending on which core I’m monitoring.

Now why isn’t this game using my full PC power to keep me on that stable 100-120fps when there’s clearly room for it? Why do I suddenly drop fps to the 60’s in some (many) portions of different maps even when there’s nothing happening and both usages stay around 40%?

In Closed Beta Athel Yenlui was working quite well and now I don’t even want to play that map since I get these weird fps problems. What did you change in these maps and why? I’m also seeing these dust/smoke puffs when I hit rats/cultists with my 2h hammer… Can’t disable them like I did in Beta so why is this effect forced when it seems to be a source for some fps drops during fighting?

How do you tested this game when you developed it? Did you have any seasoned players to test this or is it just those guys that are making the game and people like we saw in the stream? Reason why I’m asking this is because I would love to hear why do you make a game that can barely run 60fps in it’s current state and yet most modern gaming monitors start from 120Hz and can go to 240Hz.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy how the game looks and I like new stuff that has been added to the game. Just hoping you would really start looking into these stupid optimization problems and fixing them.


Wow, chill out, take your immature insults somewhere else eh mate? Optimization is typically the last part of any development cycle, and for good reason; if you optimize first when you still have bugfixing and other changes to make, you’re going to have to optimize again afterwards. Just the nature of the beast.

Also I find it a little silly that you’re throwing a fit about getting “only” 60fps. That would make my day, my average is 45ish with dips to 30 or so when things are real crazy.

See how old this post is?

Having a potato pc like yours is not a reason to not optimize the game. Some of us expect higher quality than others. No reason to fight over that between us (consumers).

Have a good day, sir.


Haha nope I didn’t realize it was so old, oops! Either way disagree but like you say no point arguing about it.

Completely agree. My FPS drops with every patch, as well as my GPU load. Though the former drops faster than the latter.


Ive been getting fairly average performance as of late, especially on the more open maps. Pretty much dread playing fort bracksenbruke because of how much i end up playing in 30 fps

Most annoying fps drops i encounter with hordes(legend), almost anytime anywhere (unless they’re killed extremely fast). Floating 35-50 fps makes fighting twice as hard, i’ve died/downed numerous times due to missing a grabber special with ranged(sensitivity becomes random) , or simply was beaten down thanks to ridiculous input lag, reduced attack speed and skipping frames (so i cant react to enemies sometimes)

Combine that with ping and enemies that have already almost instahit attack animations (marauder, fanatic, spawn, ogre 3hit combo), and it takes iron will to play against all these odds xd


I agree… with latest patches, I have fps drop. Time ago, I had not these problems.


Used to be proud of how little damage i took and how well i played. Now i find it difficult to perform playing at breakneck speed since my computer can’t keep up.

Latency is really killing my should be last second blocks/dodges. I sometimes wrongly expect a stagger because my attack animation finishes before an enemies does on my screen but not on the server.


This has been driving me NUTS. The worst is killing an enemy, seeing them die on my screen, and then a second later BOOM I take damage from them and I go down.

I’ve tried hosting and then it’s fine for me, but inevitably someone who joins will have bad lag. It seems like matchmaking drops people into a game no matter the distance and latency which is real frustrating. I’m in Colorado and can play with a friend in Texas and it’s fine, but doing Quickplay as host or client I keep ending up with people on the east coast or not even in the US and it’s just laggy as all get out.

Here’s hoping this is one of those things that will be ironed out with dedicated servers.


Have you already tried the 1.0.8 beta patch?

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…and still low on FPS? Most people, including me, swear on better performance since the beta patch dropped.


Even though I hate the way you worded this, I do have to acknowledge that my fps is worse on the beta than it is on the live version. Not sure why this is, but my fps is now constantly all around lower.

Sorry, I am no native english speaker. I am not able to give my written texts the right nuances to render the right timbre.

It might help to write a bug report and attach a dxdiag to it. Informations like these help them optimize the game.

Average framerate went up a bit for me but the patch introduced horrible consistent short freezes. Pretty much unplayable. Can’t be arsed to redownload another 20gb’s to go back to live version. I feels it’s finally time to take a longer break from v2.

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Yes. With 1.0.8 the situation is better! But I have some freeze.

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