Poor optimization

After participating the closed beta, playing in pre-order beta getting a patch that made me decide, sadly i needed to ask for a refund.

GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB

After one of the bigger patches on low settings, everything swithed to off (except sharpening) with FXAA i got 20-ish fps. Even set my resolution to 1440 from 1920. With all the same setting but TAA turned on and set to performance, I got 30-ish only. Iwont spend 1000 euros at least to upgrade my rig just for this game.

I know, no need to compare to Vermintide 2, but medium settings VT2 runs 50-ish fps. I hoped for a close experience, but got a game that is very good in making the atmosphere, good soundtrack, has funny moments, a potential, but sadly i must wait for a release that goes for optimization. Not everyone can afford rigs costs around 1000 euros.

I feel like the release date was more important than all the players. We saw it in VT2, i was a closed beta tester there too, there were things which hurt like hell :smiley:


Yeah, something is off. Betas were fine on my end, but since release the game bleeds all over my RAM and crashes. Not able to play, sad to say =(

Exactly, the Beta worked okay it was playable, and actually fun with friends, but now its completely unplayable, crashes 90% of the time while loading for the mission, and yeah completely agree the lack of optimization in the game is mind blowing… will have to consider refund probably :expressionless: