Poor Performance in prologue

The performance so far in the prologue area is fluctuating between 45 and 65 frames. This is at 1080p on “high” settings ( these were auto detected when I launched, I haven’t modified them). This seems extremely low for my hardware and is significantly worse than Vermintide 2 where I was able to run it at a couple hundred frames with all settings maxxed.

I have updated to the latest Nvidia drivers but it does not seem to have affected my framerate.


PC Specifications:

AMD Ryzen 5950X
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090

Have you tried enabling the Super Resolution in the settings? I was able to do this to improve performance.

Yes I have this enabled. I’ll try changing the settings a bit to see what improves. So far it looks like Raytracing being off is the only thing that has any significant effect ( I get a stable 80 with it off)

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I don’t think it is possible to run this game in more than about 60 fps average, which is terrible performance for pc gaming.

It is but it seems like you either need a super computer or you have to turn the quality settings to potato level. I don’t get it, it doesn’t look that much better than Vermintide either.

Why do developers keep trying to add all the bells and whistles when all we want is stable framerates and fun gameplay?

You basically have a super computer, so it is just dogshit optimization.
You could provide more information like the devs asked for, but I don’t think it will matter.

Well, I tried it on my laptop which has a 1080 on medium settings and it ran pretty good. It really seems like this game is bottlenecking hard on raytracing or some other more graphically demanding features which seem to absolutely slaughter 3000 + series cards

Okay so I tried setting all the quality settings to “low” and it runs at around 70 FPS on my 3090 rig, so there is just something really busted with this game. It almost doesn’t seem to matter what my quality settings are, something is bottlenecking it on this system.

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I’m gonna wait until launch and if it’s not fixed by then I’ll just refund ( I bought two deluxe edition copies, one for my partner and one for myself).

Your move Fatshark

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Most likely a refund for literally everyone.

Refunded both my copy and my partners. I’ll buy the game later on a discount maybe if these issues ever get resolved.

im enjoying the game so no refund for me, but still, would not be surprised if there were mass refunds on nov 30th

most people have 60 class gpu’s so the game needs to run well on those or most people just won’t play it