FPS Raytracing issues (Global illumination?)

never posted before so it shall be simple. we all have noticed some performance drop. but in my case I noticed it has more to do with the ray tracing. Particularly Global Illumination was what I noticed dropped me from a stable 60-70 to 20-30 even on low or high. While raytraced reflections had reasonable fps still, So my case may be unique idunno. try it for your selves to see and hopefully it helps you and helps fatshark figure out the performance issues a bit more than just “muh frames,fatshurk pls”

what sort of card do you have to get 60+ fps with RTX enabled?

its a 3060 TI i believe my good sir

My specs

Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5500
Number of Cores 12
Speed 4 GHz
Stepping 0
Family 19
Model 50
Video Card
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
Chipset NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
Manufacturer Nvidia
Hardware T&L Yes
Total Menmory 16 GB
Dedicated Memory 8.0 GB
Driver Version
Vertex Shader Version 5.1
Pixel Shader Version 5.1

Also i will have some drops on certain levels i cannot lie

Man I wish I got anything even close to that on my 3070 Ti. I cant even get a stable 60fps with everything off and DLSS on ultra performance

ok yea, that’s actually nuts. this is like a ghost in the code who who lives off of frames. that’s my guess

I just hopped on the forum to post about this exact same issue.

So - ever since the Pre Order Beta started this issue has persisted. The very first time I launched the game it ran fine buttery smooth 60fps maybe 70% gpu usage on a 3080 using the recommended high settings which included medium for ray tracing that put rtx global illumination to high. Then my game inevitably crashed at some point and ever since when I boot up the game it gives me 98-100% gpu usage and I barely hit 45fps.

The fix for this, up until the latest patch earlier today, was to simply reset video settings to default, then enable RTX again. Using the same exact settings runs buttery smooth, after magically resetting to default.

Unfortunately this doesn’t fix it anymore. Now when either rtx global illumination is set to low or high, or ray traced reflection set to high, the problem occurs. By simply disabling rtx global illumination and leaving ray traced reflections at low the problem goes away completely.

To note, the hardware can totally handle that setting at high, as shown by first time launching the game, and then resetting video settings to default and enabling it again which magically fixes it.

I hope the devs are able to fix this because the lighting adds a lot to the immersion and I notice its absence.

Im also having a lot of preformance issues with my 1080 ti. 4k resolution doesnt effect the lag but a lot of the cloud and lighting stuff does.

Im still having a blast! I may need some more memory or something. Im really ignorant to computer stuff.

don’t use it, ray tracing is a joke and always ruins performance

I had my fps cut in half after this new patch and nothing I changed in the game graphics settings changed this. I am on a 3070TI with 11600KF. I used GeForce Experience Optimal settings and now I am back to 100 FPS and the game looks great and appears to be using Ray Tracing successfully. If anyone else was having the same issue can you let me know if this helps?
Also I only started getting crashes in this game after adjusting Graphics settings within the game menu. Since I have used GeForce Experience I appear to no longer be getting those crashes but I need to test further.

I’m currently running:

Ryzen 9 5900X
3080 TI
32GB 3000hz DDR4
NVME drive.

I get ~120-150fps with RTX off.
I get 50fps with RTX on.

I get ~110FPS in Cyberpunk with everything (and RTX) cranked to max.

Somethin’ aint right here.

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I do think something weird is going on with raytracing. I went ahead and did some testing today by paying for Priority access to Geforce Now and it definitely doesn’t seem like, given those pod specs, can run Darktide at 2k @ 60hz with raytracing on medium - with high settings even though they should.

Maybe I did something wrong, I can test it again later. But it was pretty bad performance using GeForce Now, which while not a RTX 3080, is supposed to be good enough/exactly like it.

I reached out to Nvidia customer service as well and they said that the settings I was running at (without me telling them which settings I ran the game at) should be 2k with raytracing on medium.

— Just to note, GeForce Now ran -fantastic- without raytracing enabled. Like, using DLSS, it worked just as well as it does on my computer locally. I was actually really impressed by how good it was.