Poor performance

Came back to see if this game was doing better. Wasn’t surprised it’s still bad.

I mean cmon, im running in the keep, looking out to the wilderness and having 140+ fps. I turn around to look at a wall and see my frames dip to 60-80. Holy he11!!

I dont see any real gains on very low to ultra. Fps is still bad even if the game looks like clay pudding.

I have i9 9900k and gtx 2080ti. Was hoping for better results with this rig. My old pc i7 4770k paired with 1070 was doing better in this game. Such bonkers.


Our QA department and development are looking in to a recent increase of performance-related complaints, seemingly tied to Shadows. It’s on our ‘critical’ to-do list. Sorry I can’t be of more help right now.


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