Ongoing major FPS issues

Hello beloved rat gamers!

In summary:
I’ve been completely unable to play vermintide 2 for nearly two months due to completely unplayable FPS drops. I have tried everything under the sun in hopes of fixing it, gotten advice from a dozen friends with tech knowledge, butchered my settings, drivers, performance, etc, all to no avail. The game also runs at about 70-90% cpu usage even when calm, compared to it’s previous 30-70%.
The game when launched appears to play fine. I can load into a match fine, and for a couple of minutes, the game runs alright, averaging 50-60fps (I have it capped at 60fps for general performance+personal taste). But after about 5 minutes into the game, even if everything is completely calm with 0 enemies in sight, the fps starts dropping, down to 30-40, then 20-30, all the way down the 2-10fps. Once it starts playing at 2-10fps, it stays there. Starting a new map, a new game mode, new character, private game by myself, nothing changes the frame issue, other than restarting, which only allows me to play for 5 minutes before it’s back to 2-10fps. Even if I stand in the keep alone for long enough, my fps just tanks downwarks. I did notice that the fps drop was significantly faster in the chaos wastes, upon opening a game and level, within 2 minutes the fps was down to 2-10.

Issues I suspected:
In november nvidia released a driver update, I installed it as normal and noticed no issues at first because I wasn’t actively gaming for several days. When I did start encountering issues I went to ol’ reliable google, and found out quite a lot of people were having performance issues after the driver update. I did a fresh total uninstall and reinstall to the previous problem-free driver. This did not fix the fps issues. I went through nvidia troubleshooting for awhile, but it didn’t seem to be causing the issue.
I also considered a potential issue with the couple of mods I used, so I disabled and even uninstalled all of them, but again there was no change in performance.

I’ve tried:
Rolling drivers back, fresh installs. Verifying game files. Uninstalling and reinstalling games. Lowering game quality to lowest settings. Swapping between DX11 and DX12 (oddly enough, DX11 had significantly better performance, but still unplayable). Changing settings such as ssao, windowed modes, vsync, and lowering absolutely every setting to the lowest. None of the above improved the issue. Game is current, windows updates are all current, drivers are now current after a new nvidia update fixing the issue many others had.
Checking, updating, fresh installing windows updates, checking on hardware health (everything is less than 2 years old and brand new), ssd health, pc temps, etc.
Nothing but maybe discord is running while the game is open.

My specs:
I’m aware my set up isn’t star quality! I’m not looking to run the game on extreme settings with 240fps happening, but the game always ran well on medium-high settings for me before now.
I’ll attached the dxdiag file as requested by a friend, for any other info that could be useful! dxdiag

Again, sorry for the wall of text. I swear I’ve tried everything I’ve read through the forums, reddit, discord, and through endless advice given. I’m still entirely open to trying “turn it off and on again” ideas if there’s something I’ve missed, I’d really appreciate any help, ideas, or advice at all! This problem has frustrated myself and all my friends for so long now. I’m missing my boy Saltzpyre, please reunite us.

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It sounds like you’ve had a rough time with this! I’ve requested access to your DxDiag, and will then query this with our Engine Developers, as they will surely have better ideas than I.

Thank you so much!! I accepted the request as well as opened it’s viewability to anyone with the link, hoping something goes well eventually.

Thank you! Also, my apologies, could you upload one of your most recent console logs?:

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

One more - could you also disable the Steam Overlay, and see if there’s any improvement?

of course! I added quite a few, as there’s been a lot of trial and error from me in the form of “open game, restart, open game, restart” haha. console logs

I also have steam overlay disabled now, unfortunately didn’t help!

At least one of your mods is causing problems, Crosshair Kill Confirmation being one of them, but I understand you’ve already uninstalled all of your mods with no success!

One more question! When you drop to 2-10 FPS, could you open the Task Manager - where does your CPU, GPU and Memory usage % sit at that point?

Unfortunately so! I disabled and later uninstalled all mods I use in case any were the problem, as I know quite a few became unstable after game updates, but unfortunately there was no change.

Of course! The game usually averages about 30-70% cpu/gpu usage when in intense moments, which is pretty high, but as of lately when the fps drops it sits at 70-90% usage and continues to stay there until closing the game.

What about your memory usage? :slight_smile:

grabbed some screenshots!

tried out dx11 vs dx12 just in case there was any noticable change, unfortunately not, both of these were grabbed seconds in to loading into the keep, all mods disabled as well as steam overlay off

screenshot 1 - screenshot 2

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