Constant Fps drops

to start here are my spec
AMD FX-8370 8-core 4.0GHz
24.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 669MHz
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050

I have been trying to fix my fps drops for weeks now and im starting to just lose hope in playing this game with a smooth 60+ fps. It constantly dips below 40 during hordes to the point it unplayable. I dont know if its my hardware or whatever it is but the game is just unplayable right now for me. This has only become a recent issue ever sense the balance beta. Before then I was always at 60+ fps and never dropped below 60 if i did drop at all. ive messed with prerendered frames, worker threads, and all my settings as low as possible and still just constant fps loss. If anyone else has any clues as to a fix for this id love to hear it.

Sounds a lot like this:

Thanks for reminding me, I’m gonna go see if I can switch back to DX12 now.

I feel like DX12 got even worse this update 60 fps if nothing is around period (I cap them there), 40 as soon as there are like 5 enemies and 20 during hordes. The stutters never vanished since 1.2.

Yea, stutters still happening. I just noticed something tho, when these stutters happen. It locks up the entire PC for that 1-4 seconds. I can’t even alt+tab to discord or anything. Rather strange… this is the only game I have that has issues with DX12.

so there isnt a fix other than spend $10,000 on a pc or fatshark stops working on dlc and optiizes the game?

PC specs don’t matter. It just randomly occurs. I have a 1060, 32GB of ram, i7, etc. My wife has a 760 or something with 8GB of ram and a i5, she can run the game on higher settings and with better frames in DX12 then I can run it on lowest settings in DX11 lol.

It’s just something random that gets triggered during updates. My wife had it for a few weeks before a new patch fixed it for her. And my friend had it before the challenges update. It was fixed for me after the bög DLC was released, then they did a patch and broke it again for me.

But to answer your question, Switch to DX11 and see if that helps you out.

ive been on DX11. ive olso messed with all the worker thread settings and stacking frames settings and nothing works. :frowning:

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