Lags since the last updates

Ok so before i start, here are my pc specs:
CPU: I7 4790k
GPU: ZOTAC GTX 970 AMP extreme CORE edition
RAM: 16Gig

So after Launch the game was running fairly good and constant on my pc with a few lag spices here and there but nothing that would make it unplayable. I also played with directX12 activated without any problems whatsoever…well until now. because for some reason my game decided to go full lag party after the new updates (at least i think thats when the lags started). The first thing i tried is change to directX11 because many people had problems with directX12 activated - and yeah i got a slight performance increase but its almost irrelevant. The bad performance is most notable on maps like against the grain or empire in flames. and yes these maps had a few areas where performance dropped even before these issues but it was never that gameplay hindering - now there are stutterings sometimes and the fps keeps itself around 50 - 40 fps or below sometimes (and that in situations where i never had a problem before). Its also worth noting that the performance doesnt seem to be tied to my graphic settings, because I turned down stuff like shadows and particles to their lowest settings and only got a really minor increase in performance if i got one at all. It also seems to be tied to map specific places where the game decides to just screw my fps over for no particular reason. I can for instance look to a specific spot and get instant lags and it doesnt matter if theres a horde around or not (and like i said similar stuff happened before but now its reeally bad and noticable). I also asked a friend of mine if he had similar issues and yes his game also has a worse peformance than during launch and he has a bit more powerful machine then i do (but his performance is still better then mine but he also got lags that he hadnt before). It feels like a huge step back in terms of performance because it feels now more like the early parts of the closed beta were the game was literally unplayable for me - but still i have hope because in the preorder beta the game was running really well and smooth (wich is why this puts me so off)…sidenote: tried to upload a vid to highlight it but it took to long but maybe i will post it sometime later

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