Addressing the terrible perfomance + horrendous DirectX12 perfomance

I don’t know when or how will this be fixed but im starting to lose my mind. As of now im closing up on 300 hours in this game. I don’t get why the game has random freezes and hitches when someone joins or just when starting the game and going into keep ( freezes for a second, moving up to Olesya to Weaves - another hitch ) It’s driving me crazy. My fps hits just fine 100+ fps even during hordes, but the hitches make me lose my mind especially that it messes with my FreeSync monitor. Random light flashing from my panel on hard frame fluctuation is unbearable. On top of that it’s the only game that does this with my panel. DirectX11 is more bearable than dx12, but during hordes my fps dips to 80 which is fine, BUT THE RANDOM FREEZES ARE STILL PRESENT. It’s much shorter than DX12 but still happens. It’s really frustrating. And DirectX12? Don’t even get me started. I did load EVERY SINGLE MAP with stutters from shadow compiling. But whenever i restart the game i have to do it all over again or i get ( way shorter) but still hitches. I get it there are other bugs and such. But i think the most priority should be taken on the perfomance. It’s ruining runs, enjoyment and just makes it frustrating to continue.

I tested perfomance on:

Laptop with bad I7 + GTX 980Mobile, [1080p] High Settings
Laptop with AMD 6 series and RTX 3060 [1080p] Extreme Settings
PC with 10th gen Intel and RTX 2060 [1440p UltraWide ] Extreme/High Settings + FSR Quality

Each have hitches. So it’s not my hardware. Unless u are trying to tell me that every Hardware is bad.

Is it the network packet ? Why are we limited to only 2 MB/s upload anyways.
Is it the shadow compiling? Why aren’t they already compiled after COMPILING them? There is even a shader cache file that closes up to 500 mb.
Maybe it’s just my core count ? Not really i tested on 4 core hyperthread, 6core hyperthread and 12 core hyperthread.
So i guess it’s GPU? Not really. I tested temps utilization everything is just fine and each of Hardware performs just FLAWLESS in any other DX11/DX12 title [ Dying Light 2, Metro Exodus, Cyberpunk 2077, Deathloop, Ghostrunner, and the list goes on ]
Temperatures? No, nothing closes up to even 80C it barely even hits the 70s.
Bad OS? No, i tried reinstalling windows 10/11. Clean out from USB. I tried complete system debloating as well.
BIOS update? Everything been updated to latest several times.
DDU Driver? Tried several times
Steam Overlay off? Nope.
Bad Disk? Not really, barely bought M2s NVMe, completely new system PC, completely new ROG Laptop.

So anyways as you can see i tested pretty much all. So it’s not my issue. It’s clearly the game. Please just address this. I love the game, but it’s just driving me crazy. I get it, you might not have the frame fluctuation and all. Maybe you are playing on 60Hz, but i’m using 144Hz - I’m used to it. Frametimes really do hurt my eyes especially with FreeSync in play. Let’s not jump on anyone here, I’m just explaining what I see. And again, it’s the only game that i have issues with.

Please consider reading this, and thank you if you did. Sorry if the format of the post is wrong but I’m new to forum since i decided to create to just address this. If anyone has some other suggestions what to do please be sure to leave them bellow. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Hello! Firstly, what caught my attention is the hitches you mention when somebody connects to your party. We see this issue often with players who have VR headsets connected to their PCs, where the headset is set as the default microphone. Do you have a VR headset connected?

Otherwise, disable the In-Game Voice Chat and see if there’s any improvement in your performance. It’s possible it’s related. Keep us posted!

what about people who don’t own vr headsets and dont have in game voice turned on? i still get random freezes when people join my games too :thinking:

pc directx 11 and started roughly about a year ago

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No vr headset here, game runs still terrible with random hitches MOSTLy when enemies spawn on map. I mean when you move on map so they spawn, or when horde appears it hitches for a second or two and goes back to normal smooth experience. Thats basically what i did with my research and im 100% sure its the spawn.

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Also to add as stated more and more games im testing have no such issue even tho they are DirectX12 AND i first time load the map. So in vermintide i did load full map with stutter - yet even afterwards it has random freezing - mostly from enemy spawning.

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And the spawning stutter / lag happens even in keep when u load Lohner and Olesya and such! Something with entities i dare to say.

Edit, im sorry i didnt see the edit button.

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Same problem for over a year now, they dont care. The entire game freezes for a couple of seconds when a player with bad pc specs attempts to join a game even if i have that player blocked and they dont get into my game that im hosting.

This NEVER happens in games when im hosting if the player joining has good pc specs because i have been asking around since it started happening over a year ago and its always players with bad pc specs causing the problem.


Idk for me game still has slight hitches, not noticable on 60 fps but well i am using 144hz monitor and on 90+ they are very noticable.

Also yeah my buddy with bad gtx does lag my game quite a bit.

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Continuing the research, lowering the sun shadow quality to low does shorten the hitches, by ever so slightly but it does. But thats not the point, i dont gain anything from lowering them beside the shorter hitches but that doesnt really fix the issue.

this is odd cuz it happens when my friend joins and he just built a really good pc recently. it happens every time someone joins my game. there cant possibly be that many people with bad pcs and it doesnt make sense when it happens when my friend joins :thinking:

honestly this never happened before so idk what could possibly be causing it. feb/mar last year, game ran really fine for me. took a few months off for work and come back and started getting these weird micro stutters and freezes. my system/internet did not change :person_shrugging:

i have all that stuff turned off in config tho :weary: i am interested in knowing what happened in the game that started this weird effect

For me the game ran just fine before the last balance patches and ui changes. Didnt see any stutters after loading maps and such. Right afterwards the game started to run terribly. Also didnt have issues with GSYNC - now i do, in menus it tries to force to turn it off, ultimately causing the brightness on display. I did make a new post about that one as well.

That’s why i’m saying it ultimately does nothing cause the issue is still present. I’m running on 3440x1440 can keep all high and still have solid 80+ fps yet the stutters literally make it not enjoyable. Any map literally just any map, whethever im a host or im just joining ( when i join someone they are even worse as well ). Stacking frames seem to add some weird effect on “Auto” i assume it’s beacuse it’s swapping the queue in real time. No idea tho.

Also to fuel the fire, so does the Keep / Lobby stutter. But that’s a lag that happens on dx11 and dx12 with the same intervals.

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dont use auto. its real bad. lol i also turn off taa and fxaa cuz it makes the game super laggy and blurry. which is hilarious. its like the game is poorly optimized that nothing scales properly lol such a shame too cuz game could be really beautiful if it was better optimized.

I tried any stacking frame, it doesn’t really do anything to begin with on DX12. I prefer to use TAA since with such high resolution it doesnt really make anything blurry, just helps out the jaggies.

Seems to have found the culprit. But that only can save u - if you do have a Nvidia card. What i found out is that Nvidia Shader Cache seems to “create” the cache as itself overriding the other cache created by Vermintide. Disabling it and building up shader cache on DX12 without it in AppData location made the stutter in Keep completely dissappear. I will keep you updated about the map perfomance.

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Update on this one.

It does not fix the issue whatsoever.

What i came in with is that there is still a micro micro micro MICRO micro stutter its like literally almost unnoticable on anything bellow 70 Hz, whenever u have to render in entities. It’s really frustrating. Hope the next patch that comes in two days works with this issue. It’s really disgusting.

But that’s not the thing here, what happens is that vermintide 2 still does a shader cache, and that shader cache seems to smooth out the effects, maps and all - but not the entity spawning. The CPU hog completely obliterates whatever you have and will always. It’s undeniable. You can make it almost unnoticable on higher refresh rates if you do some extensive modifications to the setting.json and other dandy stuff in AppData. But that’s barely doing much as mentioned before. "

I still have some other tests to do. Stay tuned, maybe i figure this one out. If not - I’m afraid i just have to live with the fact that my fps dips to 88 from 90 limit ( since i use 90 limit) and that dip looks like i literally went to 1 fps for a milisecond :slight_smile:

Final verdict is, game has poor perfomance ESPECIALLY in dx12. Nothing can be done only devs can fix this. How to easily fix this? Shader Pre-compiling on first launch for everything. Wouldn’t do much, would fix stutters, would make the game run much better, wouldnt bother the Driver upgrade.

Same thing can be seen in for example World War Z Aftermath - similiar type of game. Works flawlessly thanks to shader pre-compiling.

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