Weird laggs part 2

I already made a threat a while ago about weird laggs i did experience.
At that time there was no ping indicator and i couldn’t tell on who’s end the problem was. Was it my connection?
Now we have a ping indicator. I made this video.

Actually my ping is fine the whole run. But as you can see in several situations, that there is defenitely some lagg.
1:02 I even hit the packmaster 3 times because he does react so late to his killing blow.
2:29 shield breaks way to late.

Somebody knows what causes this? It doesn’t look like an big issue in the video but i get hit a lot because of these laggs.

Try to downgrade to DX11 if you aren’t already.

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Will defenitely try this. Im not sure we are having the same problem. My FPS seem to be arround 55 - 60.
In youre videos they seem to be lower when a lot is going on. Also these laggs even happen for me when there are nearly no enemys.

From your thread.
This does defenitely happen from time to time for me too.

something i forgot to say. These weird laggs don’t happen when im the host. So im pretty sure it is a ping related problem. But why does it even happen when my ping is low?

Anyway thanks for your reply. I will try DX11

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