Latency issues/1-2 second delay

Within the last few days i have been experiencing latency and lag issues. A 1-2 second delay when fighting enemies that makes the game almost unplayable. I have changes routers, and Ethernet cables. No new devices have been added to my network. It also seems to be more prolific at night time. I am hard wired into my router too. My Ping is usually around 70-80 when i play which has never been a problem after 1500 hours into the game, any help would be appreciated

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Same here bro. I would describe it as positional desync issue. Basicaly I experience rats teleporting around, weird hitboxes if you play without aim assist it became more obvivous, taking damage from nowhere, ghost swings… simply its gamebraking issue. Just experiencing low rate at which game state is updating rather than freezing or droping frames. Out of sync with host. Even when friend im used to play with host game on green ping (80-100) underperforming badly. Not to mention unpredictable overheads, CWs swinging one direction ending up animation 180 degrees elswhere. I think it have something to do with Xbox Live and way this game use it. Tried to reinstall game, removed dlc content, tried to play on different consoles, changed my router, no improvements, game just feels of at the moment. Gamertag:dev91 take a look at VT2 captures for more insight into issues I experience, guess u can relate with it

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Are you both on consoles?

@kodakblack if you’re on PC, make sure you don’t have “Player List Plus” mod turned on with “smaller network packets” in the networks settings in game.

@dev91 they recently patched the game on consoles. Haven you been getting this issue since the patch?

If you’re on the PC, can you guys upload your console logs and DXDIAG for the Devs? Might help them.

Navigate to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs and locate the log that corresponds with the particular session in which your issue occurred.

Press ‘START’ and enter ‘DxDiag’. Select the DxDiag app and allow it to load. Once loaded, click the 'Save All Information…" button and save to a location of your choosing.

That setting was not on for me. Here is a picture of the ping spike that happened last night, It seems to only happen in the evening hours.

If Player List Plus is enabled, do disable it and see how it runs.

If the problems persist, try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel. As Smoker mentioned above, it’s important that Player List Plus remains disabled whilst this option is enabled.

The problem seemed to have halted for now but will update if it happens again later tonight where it seems more prolific

In the bottom right of your stats, “3.58% loss”. Is that packet loss? If that’s packet loss, chances are it’s more on your ISP side. I remember back home I was getting around 2% packet loss, was driving me crazy while playing battlefield. Turned out my ISP switched from PPPoE to PPTP connection when they upgraded my speeds. But they never updated my account and it was still set to PPPoE, took them weeks to figure it out and fix it.

Glad to hear it’s working now though. If it only happens during peak times, after work hours and fixes itself late at night. It’s most likely an Internet service provider problem.

Definitely a ISP issue unfortunately because every game in my steam library is unplayable right now. This is the only time i’m home to play which makes this way more frustrating, thanks for all the help though!

Wait I wasn’t aware Player List Plus caused ping issues. That’s why I’ve seen less and less people using it :o
How comes tho, does it keep transfering information during the whole game ?

There’s a warning right on the mod description. It has some weird effect on your game if you use the network setting, smaller network packets. Causes extreme lag, never ending loading screens in friends lobbies, unable to damage mobs at all, and random disconnect

@kodakblack that sucks mate. I remember trying to get mine fixed. It was so frustrating, and most of the people I spoke to at the company just kept telling me to restart my router. They had no idea what packet loss is or how to fix it. Are you able to switch to another ISP in your area?

If the host is using the mod player list plus will that effect everyone with ping issues in his game? I have always had ping issues and I usually play with the same hosts that use the mod? Is there anything the host can do to help lower the ping for people in his game?

Low ping for me is 150 to 180 and it will randomly jump to 350 to 450 throughout a game, I think it’s mostly due to my internet but I’m looking for any advice to help lower it,

I also use low network packages.

Are you running DX11 or DX12?

If you are running DX11 switch to DX12 and see if the issue persists.

DX11 I think, I’ll try DX12

Do report back if it works!

Some setups seem to have the latency issues you describe after a patch this spring / christmas (I took a hiatus but when I started playing in April again DX11 was a mess for me but DX12 worked splendidly).

I tried DX12 but had to go back to DX11 because the game did not run so well for me, the frame rate seemed to massively drop when ever I attacked or throw a bomb but it did fix a sound issue I was having. On DX11 my in game sound is super low but not in DX12, also my lag was pretty much the same in DX12 as it is in DX11.

Definitely a ISP issue at this point specifically to my issue.

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