Xbox desynch/network issues

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Hi Fat shark,

Have had an issue playing vermintide 2 on my xbox x ever since it has come out on xbox.
If im using my home internet 50mbps down/ 25 up. And play with two friends in a private match i am usually kicked out as soon as the first wave hits if im on that internet connection.
I typically hotspot my phone and use the 4g to play and its fine.
Other games on xbox have no issue and have low pings when using the home internet.
I noticed that i am on green ping until a wave hits and then i get critters running on the spot and red ping before it disconnects.
Been periodically trying different settings but always had this issue.
Put xbox in the dmz on my router to test but there was no change. Changed the packet sizes but still the same.
I am not typically hosting but if i did friends would have lag spikes or dissconnect.
I got a pc copy of vermintide 2 a while ago and i can play that with no issue or disconnects.
My xbox when on the home internet has an open Nat.
I have confirmed a few times with my isp that that my line is not congested/oversubscribed and its only this game that im having issue with on xbox. The pc version(base edition) has no issue.
Anything you might suggest?

I’ve responded to your query via the Support Portal to say I’ve raised this with our Console Developers. We’ll continue the conversation over there - locking post.