What's with the bad connections?

Issue Summary:
I’m not sure if this is the place for this.

I’ve seen other complain about it in the in-game chat. The game has had far more lag and dropped connections since 1.2 and beta. Is there any information on this? Is there anything I can do on my end to help (open ports or firewall settings)? The DLC levels are simply not enjoyable. For some reason, those levels seem to be guaranteed problems. Its not about peak hours for my areas bandwidth because it happens at 2am and 2pm.

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I am forced to do legend runs by my self using the QP trick because my ping is so bad. My ping is 300-400 tops this is why we really need dedicated servers. Some people like me just suffer with P2P, even with 50mbps connection. Its a head scratcher for me since I purposefully went out and got a better ISP deal just to play online, but I never have this problem playing SF5 or other games that don’t have P2P. Wish we would get dedicated servers already.

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This is the most common thing I see when playing Vermintide 2 now.
I stopped joining groups that are still in keep because im almost sure I’ll crash somewhere during the run.
It forces me either to host or scout for group past 50% of the map in the lobby, because MAYBE i wont disconnect and actually get a reward.

Which means no quickplay +0.5 bar bonus reward, ever.

I’ve lost more that 1/3 of lootboxes i should have received, and it’s nearing 1/2.
I just want to play from start to finish.

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Might be because of the free weekend?
Right after the patch I had no problems at all, but since Friday afternoon (CET) it has been a nightmare.

Strangely… I have 10+ games in the “Near” setting, and only about 3-4 games in the “medium”. And the QP seems to only match medium setting? I’ve joined, “far” games and had better ping that medium ones as well, so who knows.

I’ve got that lost contact with a host a lot lately. Maybe around 10 games in the past few days. Which isn’t too much considering how much I play, but it’s still a lot of dropped games.

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