Connection Timeout

Very annoyingly I have not been able to play Vermintide 2 online at all because I get the “Connection Timeout” error every time I try to join a lobby… When I typed my problem into Google, most people seemed to be discussing it on the Fatshark forum… Cool, I suppose I’ll go there then. Oh, what’s this? I have to be a member to view the forum? Now that is fking annoying. What a fkin c*nt move by FatShark… sigh I suppose I’ll just join the forum to see if I can solve my problem so I can get back to playing my game… Oh my… Now what’s happened? I click the forum topics and I’m presented with a page that says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” FOR EVERY SINGLE PAGE… WOW, NOW I AM REALLY FKING LIVID, BUT NOT AS LIVID AS I AM WHEN MAKING A BRAND NEW TOPIC TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET A BRAND FKING NEW VIDEOGAME TO WORK

Try enabling upnp in your router if it’s not already. Or perhaps try clicking the threads again in the google results. Permissions can sometimes take time to trickle down to new accounts whilst trust is established. We also have a support team who are happy to help - just avoid calling them c… you get it.

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