Connections timeout with à friend on PS5

Hi everyone, I have à specific and annoying problem, I hope some one can help.
My and friend bought Vermitide 2 yesterday for PS5. The game is great but we are absolutely unable to connect and play with each other… it always ends with Connection Timeout. But other people can connect if we do an open lobby.

It happens ONLY with this game and we have a really good internet connexion.

Can some one tell me what can we do or what we’re doing wrong.

Thanks in advance for your answers

Hi @Ezekiel2517,

As a first port of call I’d recommend running through the potential solutions listed here:

Let me know how you get on.

Hello I already tried to reboot the router and checked the info, and it’s still doesn’t work unfortunately.
I don’t understand why, all my other games old and new are working like a charm except this one

Hi @Ezekiel2517, I wanted to let you know my colleague Lev has raised this with one of our developers and hopes to have an update for you soon.

In the mean time, I was wondering - would one of you be able to briefly connect your console to a mobile data connection, only for a short period to see if the issue continues to occur? This can help in isolating the issue (but I appreciate this isn’t always an option). :slight_smile:

Hello , thanks for your concern It would be great if you find a solution . Infortunately I tried yesterday a Wifi connexion , with câble and with my phone 4g connection ( same for my friend) and it still doesn’t work. I can’t understand if the issue is with our consoles, our internet, or the game’s servers.
Thanks a lot for your concern I will try again tonight until that works haha

A little update : this time it worked with our phone connection ( but didn’t worked yesterday). It’s not ideal but at least we can play. I hope that it will work with our regular internet connection soon.

Thanks support for your quick answers and your concern.

Hi @Ezekiel2517,

Thanks for checking! As you are able to play using your mobile connection, this indicates that the routing between you is incompatible. In this situation, we recommend you contact your ISP to explain this, and ask them to address the issue.

You can quote the endpoint to our backend:

Let us know how you get on!

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