Connection issues still remaining

Some of you might (or might not) remember that about 3-4 weeks ago, might of been longer that I wrote about connection issues I had trying to play with a mate of mine,

Basically as a recap me and my friend used to play Vermintide 2 nearly everyday this is on the PS4 Console, never had a problem with it till one day it wouldn’t let us connect, just kept saying “connection timeout” so we thought we just would skip playing that day we came back the next day and same problem, wouldn’t let us connect to each other this continued on for about two weeks we have reset our WiFi multiple times, we even uninstalled the games and redownloaded them, I even went as far as Factory resetting my PlayStation, nothing worked.

The annoying thing is that i CAN play with other people and so can he, if we hit quick play then we can join up on people, we even had a mutual friend jump on for a few hours and we COULD connect to him so us three could play but me and Brandon (my friend who i played with) CANNOT connect with each other,

We concluded at that point it was a internet thing on my side of things as I have construction works going on near my road, we left the game for about 2 weeks just not even trying it, we came back to it an hour ago hoping and praying it would work, it didn’t not even a sliver of a chance, we thought it was still my side of things HOWEVER (and here’s the cherry on the top!) We tried to connect to each other on a different game in this instance it was Borderlands 2 and it worked perfectly we thought Vermintide 2 would work but no nothing Connection Timeout again

Can anyone recommend anything? As myself and Brandon have ran out of ideas and truth be told it’s becoming a right pain in the backside and it’s just depressing at this rate

Could you both check what your NAT Type is, please? I believe this can be done by navigating to Settings > Network > View Connection Status. The NAT Type should be listed at the bottom of the page.

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Just checked and we both have Type 2 (I feel like there should be the Puppet Dracula along here saying that)

Hmmm okay, Type 2 shouldn’t be an issue. Is UPnP enabed in your router?

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