Vermintide 2 - Connection timeout

Since buying Vermintide 2 on Xbox a couple of months back along with some friends, most of the time we are not able to join games online or have anyone be able to join our games. Friends or randoms. Either I or someone else has the issue where it says that it is joining a game (even sometimes shows a star for the host on next empty player slot to indicate someone is joining) but after sometime its a connection timeout. I have had it where after 40 minutes of back and forth trying to join a friends game and them join mine and it finally worked, other times an hour and still no luck. Sometimes i load up the game and have no issues, most of the time i do. One time me and a friend have been able to play online together and with randoms for at least a week without issues but back to one day its fine the next its not. Ran out of patience mostly now so if it works it works and if not i will play another game.

Sometimes its working for 2 of us and not for the 3rd.

Ive searched quite a few times online for this issue and seen advice of generalised restarts, check NAT type is open, unplug your xbox for 6 hours and all sorts which i have tried from time to time but since the game released 2018 the issue has been raised but it doesnt seem this has ever been fixed. It probably randomly eventually worked for them the same as it does for me so they never chased the issue? Its only this game i have this issue with. Except for left 4 dead 2 over the years from time to time. And again same with that game it was just the case of one day it works the next maybe not.

Do the servers regularly go down for xbox? Is it us? Why does it work sometimes and sometimes not? Why so regular?

Its a bit frustrating because I like the game, I’ve bought all of the dlc and i can barely play online with real players

Photo of me searching for a quick play game, stuck in Found game, Found game, Connecting to game session, Connection Timeout loop:

I know when its working for me because it shows Aquiring game profiles quickly after searching before loading into the game.

Sorry buddy.

It happens to me too randomly. There doesn’t seem to be a rule. It could also depend on our telephone (internet) provider.

For your information, maybe you already know, this game does not use servers but creates the game with the host of one of the players. If you noticed, the host never has a ping while the other players do. Ping depends on the distance from the host and what’s more, for us Xbox players we cannot choose the game unlike Playstation players.

Be patient.

Yeah, it’s a shame. Some days you can and some you cant play online with anyone at all, far or close I’ve found. Sometimes it works after a crash, sometimes if you crash it causes connection timeout lol. When people have a busy life this issue can means you rarely get chance to play it with friends.

I guess its just one of those things. Thank you for taking the time to reply.

And THIS…is precisely why I solo so often nowadays.

The game just isn’t fun unless you have a very specific host to play with whose connection is good enough to make the game enjoyable for you.

Few things are more unsatisfying as swiping a slave with a hammer only to see them sent flying a second later.

The AI bots have a hundred issues…but atleast the issues are consistent and generally predictable

odd you made a post about this, it seems their servers are doing TERRIBLY atm. Cuz i literally just posted something into “bugs” where the game just soft locks you in queue trying to “join game” and then that never happens and you get tossed into hosting… Like what? Just let me host why are you making me wait 10 minutes just to host a game…