Can't Join Any Multiplayer Games

OK so hopefully this is the right place to ask this.

I bought Vermintide 2 a few weeks ago and have been across the last few weeks attempting to play the game. Emphasis on attempting.

Whenever I try to join a quickplay game I get shifted from game to game about 15 times before but in a game alone with bots. When i try to join a lobby directly after a few minutes I get a connection error.

The game is fun alone but I would really like to be able to actually play it cooperatively as intended.

I havent had connection issues on any other games. I’ve attempted switching download regions as suggested by another post. Whatever I do I cant join any games.

Thanks in advance for your help

Could you provide logs? Does the game crash? Do you get switched to new games without turning to keep?

Do you witness a ‘Connection Timeout’ error? If so, please see:

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