PS4 Can't Connect to PSN

Hey, so today I tried to boot up Vermintide 2 and I cant even load up the hub world without getting hit by a “Can’t Connect to PSN” message.

I know it’s nothing regarding my connection as I used a LAN Cable and my partner can load up Vermintide 2 without issues using the same internet & wired connection.
I’ve gone through the FAQ and nothing helps to fix this issue, neither does reinstalling the game, logging in/out of PSN, changing the internet settings on the console etc.

At a loss as I was playing Vermintide 2 last night without issue.

PSN: MrCuddlesworth98



Do other games / apps access the PSN without issue ?

Yeah, zero issues on any other apps or games. Performance on other games (battlefield 5) is smooth and without issue.

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Managed to connect now. Not sure what the deciding factor was. Hopefully this problem doesnt reoccur and the general connectivity of PSN improves.

We are investigating a reported increase of connectivity issues on the PS4/5, similar to the situation on PC. It’s possible this was related to that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Just bought both games and have the same issue with both games. Seems kind of odd to me.

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Is there any update? Feels a little like nothing is being done ?

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