[PS4] Constant "Disconnected From Host", Lagging, Etc. (6:00PM EST 06/07/2019)

Issues started around 5pm Eastern 06/07/2019, with reports from the PSN community that players were unable to connect to the Keep and were met with “Broken Connection.” Shortly after, players were able to enter the Keep, but were unable to hold connections in quickplay, usually with hosts and players lagging out and again met with “Disconnected from host.”

Tried it out myself, and I’ve been unable to complete a game since logging on. Even my private games had lag, disappearing enemies, bosses that were unable to be tagged, and weapons in “out of ammo” positions.

Sorry we couldn’t respond sooner, is this still occurring for you @Exanimia?

Hi Julia,

On and off. As of this morning it’s been okay, though I’m seeing reports from other users in the PSN community they’re still having this issue as of 46 minutes ago.

The issue is still happening, sorry to say. Bought the game this morning, had big login issues, and for the past two hours I cannot access the PS4 Online in Vermintide 2.

Either I get blue-screened into the PS4 menu, or I have an error that says “Could not create PS4 Lobby”.

Not tge best first impression, gotta say. Any ETA on the resolution? (European-side PS4)

I’m a PS4 player.
It’s still happening!
The last week it may has lost the connection a few times. But since 2-3 days(I think there was an update) It’ becoming worst.
Yesterday night(GTM +1) I was completely unable to play online. Either, I couldn’t connect to any game and players couldn’t connect to my game.
For several times I saw on the small log; “{user} is joining", and minutes later; "{user} has diconnected”).

Please, fix it! Push to the IT team =P.


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