Login timeout from server

I have been playing Vermintide 2 for quite some time (350+ hours), without any bigger isue.
I have all possible DLC.

Today though when i try to start the game, i get the “login timeout” from server, on the loading screen (just before entering menu) and the game crashes.

I tried tips i found on this forum:

  • changing to google DNS
  • flush DNS
  • clear cache in steam
  • checking file integrity
  • restarting laptop a few times
  • rebooting router

My firewall is turned off, i dont have any antivirus software, my internet connection is fine.

I suppose it might be connected to the new 2.3 patch and some update? I would appreciate any help / feedback about it.

We are seeing an increase in these errors due to the increased demand on ISPs and Steam. It may well resolve on its own. Have you tried logging in today?

Yesterday after about 6 hours of that error i could join the game and it played fine.

Today i get the same error.

As of today i couldnt run the game (same error).

I am also using T-Mobile, so i guess thats the reason.

i have the excat same problem.
yesterday i couldn’t sign-in until 09:00pm CET and today i can’t sign-in again.

Please see our update here: https://support.fatshark.se/hc/en-us/articles/360021232734--PC-How-to-resolve-Sign-In-Timeout-errors

Okay - the reason is clear now

As it is another day with login timeout from server (yesterday it stopped after 23:00 pm)…
I created wifi hotspot from my mobile phone (which is not T-Mobile) - i joined without problems.

The only question is: is T-Mobile actually blocking port connections, or reducing internet speed below minimum required by Fatshark (if there is a minimum? Also seems like the internet is working fine)…

We unfortunately don’t know. Long story short, I’ve tried contacting them with no success as I don’t have a customer number, but one of our players has successfully raised the issue with their Technical department - I’ve asked them to keep me posted. All we can do is wait. :frowning:

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