Positional desync issue

Experiencing crazy positional desync lately. Basicaly, having rats teleporting around, passing thru walls, sinking thru floors, receiving damage from nowhere, ghost swings, weird hitboxes… list of issues is pretty much big cuz every little rat on screen is affected. Even when I host private game for myself Im out of sync, not as much as in qp but its noticable especialy on CW or SV overheads starting one direcion ending up 180 degrees elswhere. Its realy frustrating cuz I need to play extra cautious, dodge dance whole time, fight future rats, wait for specials to change movement direction to be able to aim properly… not to mention how hard time whole party have when one player underperform.

It seems my problem is Xbox Live related, feels just like im frequently loosing connection to Xbox Live, movements on screen getting out of sync then conn is back established again positionings are updated and it feels like rats teleporting around. Weird cuz I have open NAT. Yeah I tried everything I can to resolve problem without success. Tried both wired wireless connecions. Tried UPnP, Port Forwarding for Xbox Live, DMZ settings on router. Used some ping tools to inspect package loss on my network, no package loss at all. Even blamed my ISP for bad internet service in my district, got new router, no improvements.

Than I was on point thinking about, maybe I have faulty Xbox, maybe overheat degrade cpu performance. Nah, have both xbox one s and xbox one x, both of em perform same way, only difference in graphic. What is chance to own two faulty consoles anyway. In other hand have no problem to play any other online game, VT2 is only game nearly unplayable for me at the moment.

Just to mention, reinstalled game few times, removed local save files, made factory reset on my xbox one x. Just like I mentioned earlier it have something to do with Xbox live and how this game use it. Any suggestions? Im located in Croatia, South-east Europe, not on list of officialy supported countries so im using UK settings like every other xbox live user around here.

Actualy have desync problem since release on xbox it just got 2 times worse recently (even before last update introducing weekly events). In addition to that, noticed that im getting double specials and elite kills at end of run. Recently finished one regular legend run with 54 special kills while its more likely I killed 27 of em, compared to other players having less than 10 special kills.

My gamertag: dev91
Please check out VT2 related captures to get better idea about issue.

Sorry to hear this. I’ve raised your issue with our console crew.

Thanks for reply. Tried to play again, still underperforming. This time tried to play with different display settings. Pretty sure its not monitor or tv issue. Noticed no major frame drops or freezings, hero movements are smooth, just having enemies teleporting around. Dont know how this game works under the hood, but would like you guys to check out my in-game profile settings/config. Something just feels off.

Noticed increased special spawn rate after Bogenhafen DLC. Deeds im hosting with seek and destroy modifier on ending up in 150-200 special kills in total depending on map played and time it takes to reach end of map. Some points of map like Hunger in Dark barrel load event have constant stream of specials spawning in with almost no time between spawns so two player need to stay down and deal with specials near spawn points while oters go for barrels . Its fun to have insane spawns as long as nobody in team underperform. At this point simple trash rat horde is challenge to deal with for me, lot of ghost swings. Probably special spawn rate on my side is not normal, just trying to give more info to help pinpoint source of issue.

Major desync spikes first time noticed 2 months ago before update introducing weekly events. Over time desync got even worse. Never noticed desync at first encounter of ambient elites, feels smooth in beggining. Than first horde come in and I notice some enemies teleport around, feels like more run lasts more desync I have to deal with. Memory leak?

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