Regular desyncing and connection issues

Recently a friend seems to have issues remaining connected when we group, I got him to send me his console log.

He reports rats floating through the air, everything desyncing.
On my screen, he was downed but still running around attacking things as he was alive on his session. He soon disconnected but called it a night due to ongoing frustrations with it. Third friend had no issues and we kept playing and finished the mission as a duo.

His ping was stable at around 60-70.

Issues started happening around Patch 4.4.1.

He has no issues if solo or when hosting himself, just if he joins other peoples games (we typically use my bots so I end up hosting).

His log:

console-2021-07-04-20.34.54-f1af969d-f4b5-4ab0-a4ad-169d6dbd9050.log (1.3 MB)

My log as host, if that can help:
console-2021-07-04-20.30.15-cf8417ad-3f71-4b81-9eac-5b4c88cabee0.log (2.0 MB)


This seems to be when he was DCd (from my logs)

21:12:49.993 [Steam] Connection ea047779 to remote 110000101765a0b rejected, reason 1000

Is it the same outcome regardless of who hosts (other than himself, as I understand he has no issues then)?

Other friends that play don’t have max level characters to use as bots, so it doesn’t typically happen unless we join on them mid mission to help finish before someone else hosts. I’m not sure that’s happened in this past week to compare.

If he’s host it’s fine for him, although I’m sure I had similar issues when I was a client and he was the host.

It was fine prior to the recent PC update, as I’d been helping him work through all the legendary career armour challenges and we’d had no issues together.

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