Client connection issues when I host

Whenever I host a game my teammates are experiencing excessive ping and disconnects during and after the game (before loot screen).

I have turned the upload speed to max, ran multiple speed tests, ensured the worker thread thing is at 5, but the issue keeps occuring. People talk of phantom hits and rats running through walls and into the air.

I don’t know what else to do to fix this. Even when playing with a teammate who lives in my house (we’re both wired) they get disconnected 2-3 times a game.

This is a CPU problem xD I know because I use to have it when I hosted. I had to lower the stress on the CPU, had everything maxed in settings. Turning down or off the CPU dependent settings helped a lot. My parties still get it every now and then though. Normally always at the same spots. Like before you drop down the hole to the room with the 2nd Grim in Convocation of Decay.

Phantom hits could be tied to the mod, “Player List Plus”, which is currently broken if you have the setting under network called, “smaller network packets” enabled.

Thank you! I let my geforce program optimize the settings. That cranked it all to max including those cpu intense items. Turning shadows & lighting down a bit seems to have fixed the issue.

Guess i’ll have to consider a new processer as my next upgrade

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Glad to have helped.

Also, the Devs have been and are currently working on making the game not so CPU/GPU heavy. So hopefully with a bit more optimization, you can crank them graphics back up.

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