Friend and I having issues with connection between each other

A friend and I seem to have issues whenever one another hosts games for each other. In the middle of runs, i’m not exactly sure why it happens, but we seem to do a weird desync with the host? As in the game can interact with us and everything moves like normal, but i am unable to block, deal damage, or anything interaction wise. It only seems to happen when he or I host games, not between other players games, its extremely bizzare. Only became an issue fairly recently; help if able! If you need a video, im more than happy to record one when it occurs again!

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Sorry for the delay on this @Asarin. This occurs when the routing between two people is incompatible. Are you able to connect to a mobile data hotspot - only for a short period - to see if the same issue occurs?

Ill see if i am able, my computer doesn’t have wireless connection built in unforunately, so ill look for the wireless adapter i have lying around somewhere, ill check back soon w/ the details!

Sorry for late response! i havent been able to get a wireless connection yet, but i have more information on the issue. It does seem to get worse as time goes on in game, I will have more tomorrow as i finally have the time to buy a wireless connection!

Finally have done my testing, sorry for it being so delayed! After testing, it seems i do not disconnect randomly with the hotspot, so is it how my router is reading peer to peer? LMK!

Happened with me too. I recall this happening like a year before. There’ll be a month where the connections to the host become awful and then it’ll go back to normal.

I have been in games where I lose connection to host after enemies start moonwalking after a minute of playing. I disconnect again after rejoining. Sometimes I join and other players are disconnecting as well. Seems to be getting less common with time but still annoying.

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@FatsharkJulia Didn’t know if you saw this, so just wanted to make sure!

@FatsharkJulia again, not sure if you have a fix yet for this, its been a bit since your last response, i desperately want a fix for this!!! i wanna play games with my friends again! :frowning:

Hi @Asarin,

Sorry for the delayed reply! As you don’t have an issue using a mobile data connection, it indicates it’s a network/router issue. As Julia mentioned before, it’s possible that the routing between your friend is incompatible. In this situation, I would recommend contacting your ISP and explaining the situation as they would be better suited to help.

gotcha, thank you for the help!