Vermintide disconnection mid match

Hello, about half the time when I play a map with a new host I will lose connection about half way through. If I stand still and don’t interact, move or ult I can usually regain connection. If I lose connection it will either try and send me to another player with them as host (this always fails) or makes me the host of a new game on the same map (as if the previous host left). However if I regain connection I will not lose it again with that host no matter how many more maps we play. Also if I happen to be hosting there doesn’t seem to be any problem people don’t tend to dc and the games are normal games with no connection losses.
For some more info I am not experiencing any crashes during maps and I run the game at a consistent high fps and don’t have any stuttering. I use wifi but I did use ethernet for a bit and that did not help at all. Also this happened a bit before 2.0 but got a lot worse after the 2.0 update. Thanks in advance.

Could you try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel and see if there’s any improvement please?

Sorry I forgot to mention in my post that I have tried for the past several weeks enabling and disabling ‘small network packets’ and there has been no change.

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