Lost Connection to Host

Since coming back recently this happens to me a lot. Back when I used to play pre-DLCs it basically never happened. Now it’s a really high chance, bordering on 50% if I get to play through a whole map. Sometimes I leave and manage to get back into the same exact group I “lost connection” to and finish the run, but usually I end up somewhere else.

console-2019-08-19-22.59.24-ba185c94-dce0-44f4-8f23-144e4782d38c.log (3.1 MB)
My other log is apparently too big for the forum, which is sort of annoying.

Also speedtest since you’ll probably ask is:
212.79 Down
26.34 Up
I also tried to smaller packets thing in the options but it didn’t do anything.

I’ve queried this with one of our Network Engineers and hope to have an update for you soon.

Similar problems here. Tried different internet, persists. Loads of “lost connection with host”. My ping is good, upload/download 60/10 or so. Didn’t have problems like this before today. Suggestions?

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