Lost connection with host errors often

Recently i’ve been getting a lot of “lost connection with the host, attempting to reconnect” errors. which then boot me back to the keep soon after.

Im going to now verify integrity of game cache and enable small network packets to see if that helps, but any advice is appreciated.

Attached are console logs for today where multiple disconnects happened, speedtest, and enabled mods.

console-2021-06-09-13.26.12-b58f6040-b9dc-4e9b-bfa1-8c80383a82b3.log (2.8 MB)

enabled mods

Regrettably I can’t see much in the console log that would explain it. There are unfortunately a multitude of reasons issues like this can arise and it’s usually a process of elimination to determine the cause. I’d recommend having a look at: [PC] How to Resolve SIGN-IN TIMEOUT - COULDNT_CONNECT - CONNECTION TIMEOUT - COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST Errors – Fatshark

Went a long time without problems, but now its back.

I flushed dns and added firewall exception for easyanticheat, lets see if this works.

This is what happens sometimes after disconnect, does it mean anything?

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