Constantly loosing connection to host

Ever since the Chaos Wastes update, i’ve been constantly loosing connection to host, usually, when i try to play with some friends, i can stay in server for about 5 - 10 minutes, then i get disconnected, sometimes even upon joining random lobbies make me instantly loose connection. I’ve tested it mutiple times, and all the time it is only me that gets disconnected, not the host.

This is my most recent console log. (I have a couple ones more recent than this one, but their size is more than 4096KB).

console-2021-05-15-12.48.33-04d5fdb2-f142-4adc-89a3-a8c521f96173.log (1.8 MB)

Region: Brazil
Download region: São Paulo - Brazil

My internet speeds are:
Upload: 20mb/s
Download: 240 mb/s

:frowning: we do have an internal investigation open for connectivity issues that have arisen post-Chaos Wastes. I’ll add your information to it.

This could be worth a shot in the mean time: [PC] How to Resolve SIGN-IN TIMEOUT - COULDNT_CONNECT - CONNECTION TIMEOUT - COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST Errors – Fatshark

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