CONSTANT Host Connection Lost recently, leading to disconnect on PC. 1600+ hours played


I’ve been having constant loss of connection. It’ll start with a huge lag spike, where everything freezes, then maybe moves a little more, before getting the Lost Connection To Host, Trying To Reconnect warning, then disconnecting. It’s not internet problems, because my discord still works, browsers still work, etc.

I have 1600+ hours in this game and it’s only recently, maybe this past month, that I’ve been constantly getting this.

console-2018-03-01-09.18.52-89625830-AFEC-4488-805E-6CC1.log (2.6 MB)
console-2018-03-01-10.29.21-95249992-9838-40F2-B955-970D.log (915.6 KB)
console-2018-03-02-03.06.18-CC00D91E-09AA-44ED-A855-561B.log (4.5 MB)

Could you let me know what your connection’s download and upload speeds are please?

download is 90mbps, up is 3mbps

My upload is 90mbps and upload is 3mbps

I tried hosting and it ends up dropping all 3 players. It happened twice in one game so I just quit playing.

I am able to stream the game and be on discord. This is the only game I’m having problems with. It makes me want to quit playing.

Could you try enabling the ‘Small Network Packets’ option within the ‘Network’ panel, and let me know whether there’s any improvement?

I’ve already done that. I’ve read through some of the previous threads. It has been on for a while. Problem still persists.

I see. I’ll need to query this with one of our Network Engineers, but unfortunately everybody is away until next week due to the Easter weekend.

Ok thanks. I hope this gets resolved

Those two statements contradict each other…

I hardly stream, but when I do, it uses at least 8Mbps.

Also, you said you get a lag spike and then it crashes? Are you monitoring your GPU with anything like MSI afterburner? This sounds a lot like when I would get lag spikes with DX12, which would cause the game to crash. Try running the game in DX11.

Also, you said you have smaller network packets enabled? Make sure you have the mod “Player list plus” uninstalled. If you have that mod with smaller network packets enabled, it causes all kinds of lag, disconnects, and other random things.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I’m already on DX11. I ‘stream’ for my girlfriend through discord, it’s never been a problem for any other game. That’s besides the point.

I uninstalled Player list plus and some other mods. Still get Host Disconnects. Literally have no problems playing any other game.

Also tried uninstalling all the mods. Uninstalling game. Reinstalling game.

Are you able to upload your most recent console logs? Those attached are quite outdated. Thank you!

I waited for another instance of disconnecting before I upload the console files. Here they are, with latest host connection lost.

console-2019-04-24-02.49.04-75da52b0-0032-4db9-b3f1-fc2dec1b8de9.log (394.0 KB)
console-2019-04-23-20.34.40-f922d267-bad9-47c4-8889-69904023a60b.log (1.5 MB)

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