Unusual Connection Issues Regarding A Specific Player

As in in the main topic (And I do hope I’m posting this in the right section), I’ve been having some unusual connection issues involving “Connection Timeouts” and a certain Friend of mine.

For reference I’m playing through steam on PC, no mods or anything along those lines are active. I’ve even gone through some of the other FAQ stuff and gone over the “Network” options in game but it still occurs, turned off some of my live protection on my spyware which apparently caused some issues for people. Updated things asrecommended. All to no avail.

Essentially I have a couple friends I’ve been playing with over the time, but ever since WoM I’ve been having this issue. We all own the game and dlc’s and have nothing extra installed and it’s never been a problem in the past.
When attempting to play with Friend A, I load in in a few seconds and we can go nuts playing as much as we want with next to no lag or other issues.
Should Friend B join however I’m instantly dropped back to my own lobby. I get dropped from the host (Friend A) despite not having any issues with our connection in prior sessions and a “Connection Timeout” when attempting to connect to a game again. I’m sure that sounds familiar, but it goes a step further.

After that first disconnect, that’s it, my entire game is apparently completely incapable of connecting to any lobbies and times out on all games no matter who is the host and I can’t be joined by anyone either until I restart the game altogether, at which point the same issue will recur if Friend B and I attempt to be in the same lobby at the same time, almost as if Friend B and I attempting to join a game breaks my connection to the entire server somehow.

He’s able to get in game just fine and play with Friend A and they’re able to join each other and play together, quick play and open lobby’s with randoms and all that, without any issues what so ever but I seem to be forbidden from being in the same game as Friend B. Friend B doesn’t seem to have the same timeout error that I do when he tries to join me or I try to jump into his game and both he and A are able to keep hosting and playing without error, I’m just locked out.

I would assume it’s something on my end, but I have no idea how one specific friend (I have a few others beyond these two that own the game and have had no problems playing with them at all) just trying to be in the same lobby as me JUST ONCE renders my entire play session completely disconnected from the server when the game runs just fine when playing with quite literally anyone else.

We all live in the same general area so it’s not a distance problem, Friend A is actually further from me than B, and we have no issues playing together in any other game.

I suspect that unfortunately the routing between you and Friend B is incompatible.

We have seen this issue reported in the past but we’re simply so limited on what we can do to help from our end. :frowning:

I’d recommend reaching out to your ISP as they will be best equipped to handle this.

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