Disconnect and Long Connection to Something Unknown

I’ve been expirencing random (?) disconnects from a lot of lobbies since the Engineer Update.
I’m sure it’s a known issue that many players have as well, but one thing bugs me out.
Sometimes after a disconnect game attepmts to join to a user with a really weird name and fails this attempt.
What’s waiting me to join on the other end? Is it some sort of eldrich horror that can’t find anyone to play with so it forces people to join? Or is it simply an ID meaning that I connect back to myself.
Regardless, here’s the 3 minutes long video where I derp around, then disconnect happens, then I wait, message “Unable to find host” shows up and I return to my lobby:
And console logs if it helps:
console-2021-01-15-16.16.11-c451b74a-c67e-444f-9920-2ee320221868.log (1.9 MB)

I’ve queried this with development! Thank you for reporting.

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