Lots of Connection Timeouts

For about a month, I’ve been getting some connection timeouts when trying to join friends. It noticeably happened after a disconnect from one of the players, but one time right when I loaded the game.
One time I was able to join by starting a private game and joining from there. But the annoying part is that it doesn’t work consistently and reloading the game (or even steam) doesn’t seem to work everytime.

I’ve been playing without mods since the new UI released.

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this has been happening to me too. even with everyone restarting steam and the game doesnt fix it either. verifying files doesnt. the only thing that does fix it is waiting it out which is annoying. cuz there is no set amount of time to wait. its completely random.

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I’m aware a small number of players have noticed an increase in these errors, and I’m attempting to identify some patterns and consistencies.

There were updates to the Steam client that included connectivity changes on both the 12th and 21st of May. Could this correspond with when you started noticing these issues?

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You know, I think it might. I remember noticing for about a month.

Personally, I’ve not noticed much issue after those dates specifically, but it’s been getting steadily worse since the event started, and the small patch included in that. I barely ever had disconnects before that, but since the patch they’ve been getting more common.

Today especially, I couldn’t go a single game of Halebop Bunglebomb without having people disconnect left and right.

I wish I had an immediate solution, but this will require some investigating… The last time we received an influx of connectivity-related complaints was due to a Steam client update, so that’s piqued my suspicion. I’ll have to look deeper in to this.

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