Lots of Disconnects

Over the past week or possibly longer, it seems like disconnects have been a huge issue. I often hop into quick-play only to disconnect about 10 minutes later. I always check my internet regularly as a habit because of this. I know the issue isn’t my internet. I get about 800 to 900 Mbps with 25-30 milliseconds of ping.

Likewise, other people in every lobby and in my lobby are disconnecting. Games are like revolving doors where players come and go at least once a game due to connection issues.

I’m concerned that Steam is at fault due to recent updates.


I noticed the same, and it was happening very consistently for the few days in a row I was playing. Took a 4 day break because of obligations, but I’ll see how it is during this weekend again.

Yeah, I’ve been seeing loads, and people have been complaining about it.

This is getting bad, 4 disconnects today within about 2-3 hours, not to mention other people getting disconnected. I have to take a break; it’s just ridiculously bad. For every other mission, the game disconnects, and I’m just joining randos in quick-play on the campaign; nothing that would take time like the Chaos Wastes. At that rate, you wouldn’t be able to complete one Expedition.

The Steam Client updated again. Not sure, but I suspect it has something to do with Steam updates.