Disconnects all the time

Guys, for real, a month has passed since the connectivity bugs appeared. I’ve seen no new message concerning that problem.
After new patch its even worse - everywhere i ask (either on reddit, or players in-game), everyone says they get disconnected all the time, and many players literally say game is becoming unplayable.

Sometimes in 3 matches i get disconnected 2 times. Which means 1 of 3 matches is playable at all! Add to that ragequiting hosts (without the ability of making someone else the host), ping issues, getting stuck in a wall, completely broken bots… i love this game, but all those bugs make it a painful experience.

It’s always like this: suddenly enemies start running in place, my hits do nothing (apart of sound effect), after 5-30 seconds suddenly everyone teleports and usually im dead (since neither blocking, nor anything else worked, like my character was forced to just stand in place)… then i can play for like a second or so, and then i get the message about lost connection with the host.

Sometimes it happens to me, sometimes its the host crash, which makes everyone else joining me in Taal’s Keep.


i have exaclyl the same issue/behavior since two days…

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