3 games in a row *lost connection to host*

Your latest patch broken something with connection to host.

I played 3 games today in quickly. Connected to another host.

EVERY GAME, half way through or at the very end, I got a new blinking error on my screen while everything frooze

“Error connecting to host, trying again.” Or something to that effect.

Eventually it timed out, and the session closed.

3 for 3 basically means the game is unplayable for me at this point. I’ve wasted over an hour for this to happen in all my games.

I guess quick-play is broken. Maybe I’ll try hosting my own games and just get penalized for it…


Yeh im getting the same issues with this patch, a short term solution is to get “host solo quickplay games”(It opens a public game that people can join).

Same here except on Private games which is all I ever play…Worse it only happens at Victory and so I get screwed out of my exp, and Spoils…
Just gonna not play for a while.

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