[Major] Quickplay -> random hosted games not reliable (new updates)


It’s all new, since the last few fix-updates you released, the hosted games are not reliable at all.

I don’t know yet what’s happening behind this, because when I host I have no problem. But while joining random games (mostly by quickplay) I have a rate of disconnections with host very high, arround 30-40% or more sometimes (during the last 3 days).

It is not my connection and I am not isolated, in my friendship and some people begin to notice it in the steam forum.

(I have 1gbps fiber optic and nothing changed before your updates)

Reproduce :
You join a random game ->
you play few minutes ->
game’s ennemies get stuck ->
attempt to reconnect with host (sometimes it works, but when it does, it will have many more probs later) ->
you get disconnected.

Rate :

Waste of time, no reward, no progression, no fun. I lost like 3 hours for sure, because it does not happen always on starting game. It can occur anytime !

Quickplay is becoming a pain.

Sample in the steam forum :

Thanks for reading.

EDIT : can also happen in another way, getting stuck in the loading screen (or after the end bubble), only chat works, even host can speak with clients, but nothing more work, until a late dialogue box appears and say something like disconnection / host co. error.

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