Host Disconnect Every Game. // PC

Hi. Every time I try, halfway through the host is disconnected, and if I’m lucky I am sent back to square one alone. Such errors are constant and I can no longer play the game.
When looking for a quick game, I cannot be connected to the players’ lobby. And if the connection is successful, then after a while the connection with the host is terminated.

console-2021-03-18-10.50.17-101f28d7-d171-45d7-8942-2f4be80abcb1.log (165.3 KB)

10:51:52.221 [Steam] Connection a5240e2e to remote 110000117799532 rejected,
console-2021-03-18-10.12.25-54cd5a39-eb4e-49f5-b5a0-f9b47c9a0660.log (609.8 KB)

Hi @Nagret,

You should see an improvement with the next update to the Steam client. You can find more info here:

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