Marked increase in DC?

Maybe for the last week I’ve seen a marked increase in random disconnects. Seemingly for no reason.

Having said that, it is possible the rapidly shrinking player-base means I am being paired with players from across the world rather than Europe(Im UK) when I click Quickplay. I’m seeing more people drop for nothing too, while they’re still alive with a tome and grim so it’s not like it’s a ragequit.

Anyone else notice far more disconnects than a week ago? Almost 40% of my games someone DC’s for nothing or the host crashes/DC’s. I find myself babysitting bots who end up with a grim or charging through levels to ensure some kind of completion.

[edit] it just amplifies the problem of host DC being a restart.

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Same here… already told that in other thread even i got only get matched near with germans only…

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I have no real problem matching - just get LOTS of DC.

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Maybe i told it a lil bit wrong… I meant , if i play with germans only (near range), a lot of them have dc’s too (Even hosts like you said).
So this cant be an issue with a worldwide-connection. My Friend (ok he dont have a great pc/ internet) also has a lot of problems with lags, when he is playing. He never had this problem some weeks ago.

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