Regular disconnects


Thanks for fixing the “sign-in” problem :slight_smile:
Unfortunately there is another - regular disconnects. Each session DC appears 1 or 2 times. Game is unplayable this way. Me and my friend are from Poland, maybe it’s regional, no idea. I personally have one of the best ISP and fiber speed. No issues in any other game 24/7.

Make sure you’re not using the player list plus mod. Also, try and use DX11 if you are experiencing any lag before the D/Cs.

No mods, using DX 11.

On returns (after DC) broken connections appear aswel

Same here, regular freezes, weird lags. When i hosted and when my Friends hosted.

Pit map kicked again all the Party when main mission started when It was “fixed” two patches ago.

I played 2 maps and stopped playing cause It was umplayable un legend with those spikes and people kicked.

Does this occur regardless of who’s hosing?


Altough, yestarday no DC occured. Will see how it goes today.

Ok, yestarday we connected via in game connection - no DC.
Today via steam (friend invite) - DC again already on 1st game. Cant join again - timeout.

So… i cant connect to friend’s game even via lobby, timeout

When i host, on quick game people barely join. I’m from Poland and my friend Poland have to set Far parameter to see my game.

Next game, connected (game lobby not steam) to friend, first minutes of mission DC.
Next game, can’t connect (game lobby not steam), timeout.
Next game, now friend can’t connect, timeout.

Can i help with some logs history?


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