QP is trying to put people into full games

I have no idea what’s causing it, as there isn’t a problem before it occurs (such as someone DCing), but in a full group the chat constantly shows people joining and then leaving.

I was finally on the other end of this, and couldn’t get a game via QP because I kept getting put into the same full game.

Sorry I don’t have more information, I haven’t noticed any sort of trigger for this problem.


Absolutely confirmed. As a trigger I’ve been in a game when it tells me “SomeDude has left the game” and they still right there fighting alongside me for the whole match.

I suspect its something along the lines of a very tiny DC (sometimes there’s a lightning bolt on the screen and “trying to connect to host”) and the engine thinks there’s a free slot.

Cue Joining/Leaving/Leaving/joining/leaving. If you’re in a limited pool of players ( UK Sunday prior to 10am is a good one for me) you get connected to the same “FULL” game over and over again.


We are aware of and looking in to this issue. Thank you for your report.


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